Thoughts on Loki

I see You in the vastness of the Universe,
watch You in the dance of a flame
and feel You in a drop of water.

You enchant me in the beauty of nature
and the purity of a child’s heart.

You live in every breath of mine.
You are the flame of my aspiration.

You are the Master of Magic, mysterious and powerful.
Wild and terrifying. Tender-hearted and beautiful.

Such is Your Heart.
Such is Your Nature.
Such is Your Beauty Supreme.

Compassionate protector of innocent creatures
and all those who love You with a fearless heart.

Loki may as well be one of the most misunderstood Gods. Distorted through historical and mythological records to match the needs of a society confined by certain dogmas. Loki could not be pigeonholed and thus drew the short straw being depicted as malicious and evil in some accounts. The fact that Loki has “survived” and was not entirely censored, shows that His is a force so powerful that no-one dared to get rid of Him completely. He is the one who cannot be defined and while He seems to swing between “good and bad”, He really is both and at the same time He is beyond it. In the light of my own experience Loki is a God of Change and Transformation similar to the aspect of God that Hindu Culture refers to as Lord Shiva – who is also often misunderstood in Western Culture and depicted as the devil.

Whilst I am fully aware that we all get our own personal experiences when it comes to God, I feel that Loki has been misjudged badly and take the freedom to write about a side of this God that is often forgotten – Loki’s innocent, compassionate and loving side.

However, it is good to keep in mind that Loki is an aspect of God that calls upon transformation of our nature, which can be an intense and painful process. Loki is not bound by moral concepts. (Kindly do not confuse “not bound by moral concepts”, with a free ticket to act imorally, because it actually means to be able to act from a deeper wisdom that lies beyond mental concepts.) He makes me question myself and might make me do things or want things that lie beyond my comfort zone (physically, emotionally or mentally). When He does, He also makes me remember that I am never His (or anybody’s) victim. Loki really longs to set us free. He is not the one to blame when things in our life go wrong. Loki is simply not a Comfort-Zone God. He is a radical God who is not worshipped half-heartedly. In my own experience there is no compromise when you deal with Him and certainly no way of manipulating Him. And why would you want to anyway?

Loki helps us discover who we truly are. Spiritual beings, powerful, beautiful, unbound and free. He is a God who gives us back our power, teaches us to take responsibility for our life, as well as to love and respect ourselves and others, and eventually transcend earthly bondage. If we are willing to face our own darkest depths, Loki shines the light that guides us back and He can be a great healer.

Being free does not mean that we can do whatever we like or take whatever we want. Loki never encouraged me to do anything that would harm myself or others and I believe He does not sympathise with those who use Him as an excuse to do stupid or hurtful things or use His name to take advantage. My feeling is that Loki suffers greatly from human ignorance and strives to transform it. He will not find peace until Truth prevails on earth and falsehood is transformed. The freedom that comes with Loki is one of authenticity – of being true to ourselves, to our heart and unbound by what we “should” be like. It is the freedom to take responsibility for whatever and whoever we are. The freedom to accept and love ourselves the way we are. The freedom to say “NO” to what others think is best for us, or what others think we should be like. The freedom of being at peace with ourselves and the world around us. The freedom to listen to our soul.

Even though some may think that Loki does whatever He wants and manipulates or uses us to His own advantage, I have never experienced Him do anything like that unless I needed it to learn my lesson. He enjoys to break our ego and is one to play pranks on you, but whenever He stirred up something hurtful Loki has been by my side full of affection and compassion. It is His “job” to break our wrong believes and I have never experienced Him enjoying my suffering. It is rather that He likes to play with our believes of unworthiness or our innermost dark desires to give us the opportunity to rise above them, which I consider incredibly compassionate. Loki is a God, who does not mind getting His Hands dirty and maybe that Has earned Him a certain reputation.

As much as He is a God of Transformation, He is also a God of Love and Compassion. I guess the only force of God that can truly transform our ignorance is His Light in the form of Love and Compassion. And this is what Loki embodies in boundless measure. He has a very affectionate side and a special fondness for innocence and sweetness. Loki loves children and animals. Anyone who has a childlike heart is probably favoured by Him. He Himself is much like a child, passionate, truthful and innocent. Yes, truthful! Innocence is a quality of Him that seems to get forgotten too often.

Loki is a Master of Magic, well versed in all different kinds, and a shapeshifter on many levels. He adapts to anyone He deals or works with. He is a sensual God who is closely connected to the Mother Power or Shakti, and a Master of the magic that deals with Kundalini, sexual energy, life force and all that is connected with it. Love on this level is limited though unless it is purified by the Heart. I believe that Loki can help us transform our desires into something higher and vaster – into unconditional Love, which is a quality of the heart.

Loki is a benevolent God although maybe not conform with our expectations of what “benevolent” means. He has His own way of doing things – but I guess, such really is the nature of God – we rarely seem to understand God’s plans, and if we did we would have worked out by now how the universe works … and as far as I know – most of us have not.

Here is a book on Loki I can warmly recommend as it is written with much depth and devotion (It touched my heart profoundly):

Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson by Dagulf Loptson

You can get it here:

I found the following sites quite helpful as they shed light on Loki’s role in the Norse pantheon of Gods and also portray Him the way He is – complex and beautiful – because all of these people worked or work with Him:


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