I wrote this about two years ago, and in the meantime Loki has led me to see why He is so skilled at healing. It has to do with the fact that He is a God of Chaos (meaning quantum science rather than literal chaos). I am currently attempting to squeeze what He is teaching me into written form, so there will be some more insights about Loki (and Shiva) and their inherent healing soon. (14. December 2018)

Loki came to me as a teacher and I discovered Him to be a great healer. I believe Loki embodies the aspect of God, who can help us transcend our desires, heal shame and wrong beliefs, as well as nurture and protect our inner child, which allows us to love and accept ourselves fully. I also believe that He works a lot with those healing from trauma. He certainly helped me with that.

Trauma leaves you powerless and helpless. No matter what kind of trauma it is, be it emotional, mental or physical, it stems from a situation we cannot cope with and it leaves us trapped in certain beliefs and patterns, and basically powerless and helpless. A victim.

Childhood trauma from emotional abuse/neglect and beliefs forged through the experience of not being loved/cared for are often underrated, yet this can wreak havoc in adults life like nothing else. Trauma leaves us trapped in a victim-role, with a constant need for safety and protection. Unable to accept or love ourselves and others and most of all with the belief that we have no power to change things. Paradoxically, Loki breaks us to put us back together. What He really breaks is the hard protective shell of our trauma – the beliefs that used to protect us but now keep us trapped. He strips us of our (false) securities and also provides us with the love and security for healing. I wonder if Loki relates to the perception of being trapped, because of His own experience of being robbed of his freedom.

Victims of trauma cannot create healthy boundaries to protect themselves or others, and trauma victims do not necessarily have to be weak – they can appear strong, powerful, aggressive and dominant, lording it over others – thus trying to compensate their own deep-seated insecurity.

A truly secure person has no need to execute power over others, as they rest securely in the core of their own power.

In the light of experience, learning to set boundaries is important for healing from trauma and Loki is a great teacher. By pushing gently – and sometimes not so gently – to set boundaries, He shows us that we are powerful beings, and nobody can rob us of that power unless we allow it.

Loki also creates a safe space to heal in. Yes, Loki can make us feel sheltered and looked after, providing a space to accept and love ourselves the way we are, because this is how He accepts us. Unconditionally. Claiming back my power and finding the freedom to be myself are things I learned through Loki.

Recovering from trauma is challenging and always related to change and it is Loki who is opening our eyes to what needs to change, and He then extends His hand to guide us through the chaos – if we let Him do things His way.  HeatherAsh Amara offers a great analogy in her book “The Toltec path of transformation” when she talks about our beliefs. Imagine, you have a wardrobe and you stuff it all in there – everything you do not like about yourself, do not want to see or admit, all the unwanted, dark stuff you do not or cannot deal with. Then one day when you actually decide to clean it out and face it all, you start pulling it out into the light and it creates a big mess. Overwhelming Chaos. At this point most of us just stuff it back in and shut the doors.

Loki is the one who comes along, pulls the doors of the wardrobe open and starts poking around in all the ‘interesting‘ stuff before He starts dragging things out. ‘Really? You wanna keep this?’ Before you know it the floor is covered in piles of stuff, littered with all these things you are not sure you are ready to face or let go. You think that you might need this again, and are still too attached to that. But the amount of stuff that has been sitting in your wardrobe is so overwhelming that you are unsure where to start or what to throw out in the first place. Good thing is that Loki is not intimidated by it, and He knows exactly what we are ready to let go. I guess the trick is to let Him sort it out and trust that whatever He pulls out, is ready to go. It simply needs a little trust.

“Nobody has any power over you. Not even a God like me.”

Loki (or any Trickster who enters our life) asks us to look at things the way they are, to let go of our own masks, and take responsibility for who we are and what we do. We always have a choice in life, and often we “choose” to be victims of circumstances or other people. By blaming we only create more powerlessness. It is when we take responsibility for our life that we can truly become free. Yes, we may still find ourselves in situations that are not ideal, but if we take responsibility for who we are, we will not feel powerless anymore and we will find strength where we found weakness before.

We tend to look for stability and security – be it material, emotional or mental – and a lot of us are afraid of change. So when the wind of change sweeps us away, we need to learn to bend, move, flow and dance with it. The more rigidly we cling to our possessions, or the more proudly we attach ourselves to our achievements, the greater the destruction/pain-factor will be. That is why for some Loki is a tornado of destruction, while for others He is the breeze that brings relief on a hot day.

By welcoming change and dancing with it, Loki will bring gifts of self-discovery and freedom. Life may not always easy, but it does not have to be unbearable torture or a prison either. It can be a wonderful adventure, filled with magic and miracles.

This is a lovely post I found on Loki’s and Sigyn’s healing abilities:


Healing Loki

As I said, Loki came to me as a teacher and He has become a close friend. So whenever I read something that describes Him as malicious or treacherous, my heart is pained by the injustice done to Him.

Because, right from the beginning I experienced Loki as kind, tender-hearted, loving, funny and innocent when working with me. However He also seemed to carry a lot of pain, like a heavy burden that weighed on His Heart. And as much as I sought shelter in Him, He seemed to seek it in me. This puzzled me – His need to be loved – why would a God seek to be loved? But then, why would God not want to be loved? He must feel pretty lonely, because most of us are actually refusing to see the beauty and wonder of creation within and around us and live our full potential.

One time, Loki asked me to help Him heal and it took me a while to comprehend what He meant by that. Just as I need Him to heal my life, Loki needs me to heal. Not me as a person (kindly do not get me wrong here) – He needs me a seeker of Truth, someone who longs to be an authentic human being, who longs to be free. Who seeks to reconnect with their Higher Self and transcend the limitations of earthly bondage. And thus heal Him and set Him free.

As I understand it, Loki suffers from falsehood and ignorance. Love of Truth is His medicine and living an authentic life His cure.

What else is Truth, than our Source, our Higher Self? And where do we connect with that? Inside our heart. Children live in the heart. They do not judge or pretend, They live authentically and in trust. (Or at least they should, but the state of most children on this planet sadly shows how ignorant we grown-ups are). Loki is a child at heart, and the few times I experienced Him in a heavy mood, He placed His head on my heart and simply rested there. And it seems to me that the “magic” Loki needs to heal, is the magic of the heart. The spiritual heart of selfless and unconditional love (qualities that He Himself embodies).

Finding our way back into our hearts will eventually heal mankind. It is the magic of the heart that heals ourselves and thus heals the aspect of God that Loki represents. Loki represents our aspiration to transcend, to go beyond limitations and reach higher, deeper and farther. He is the destroyer of our ignorance and he re-connects us with our Source. How can He not suffer as long as there is ignorance on earth? He longs for us to go beyond, and whenever we do, we ‘heal’ Him. Only when we realise our true nature will He be truly free. And my love for Him, is really my love for the Truth (within me).

By letting me think that I am doing Him a service, that He needs me, Loki also cleverly satisfies and heals my need to be needed. He is paradoxically doing me a great service by allowing me to help Him heal.

Uniting duality through the Heart

Spiritual scriptures say that the energy centre in our chest, the heart, is so vast that it holds the entire universe. When the spiritual heart is open, we are one with our Source and creation. Yet, when the heart is broken or protected by a layer of hardened up grief, hurt or bitterness, it experiences the separation from the Highest as unbearably painful. Feeling split and empty. The curse of duality. It yearns to find the Infinite in the finite and to unify the aspects of duality.

I found Loki to be a God who brings healing in this way. A God who unites dualities, unites the feminine and masculine aspects of God. Even Loki’s androgynous nature and ability to shape shift already points towards His ability to do this. Just like the Hindu God Shiva, who unifies duality and even embodies this aspect of God in the form of Ardhanarishvara.