Empowerment and Freedom

Loki is the aspect of God who empowers us to be ourselves. He brings us in touch with our inner beauty, power, magic and freedom.

Since Loki sometimes has an unbearable intensity, I found it hard to set boundaries in the beginning of our friendship. He can be demanding and all consuming, forgetting the need for humans to lead a normal life, let alone eat or drink. So one of the things He teaches is to set boundaries.

As much as He is pushy and persuasive, He wants me to set boundaries and come out of my self-created victim-role by taking responsibility. Loki shows me that I always have a choice and that He does not and cannot “posess” me or “make” me do things unless I agree to it (consciously or unconsciously). Yes, He enjoys it when I am caught between a rock and a hard place and have to make a choice, and like a child Loki will try to get His way by persuading and sometimes even tricking me. However, a genuine “NO” is always honoured and respected. By honouring whenever I take responsibility for the situation, Loki repeatedly showed me that I am not a victim and I am not powerless. I am the Master of my life and not even a God like Him has power over me unless I give it to Him. I simply love Him for that.

In this way Loki asks us to take back our “power” and become who we are meant to be. To take responsibility for our lives and  live authentically. To love ourselves so we are able to love the world and can become better human beings.

Loki is a great healer especially when it comes to trauma, because trauma stems from a feeling of complete helplessness, a feeling of being victimised. During my recovery from PTSD, Loki was the one who gave me shelter and a feeling of security. Saying this, I am well aware that it was also Him who literally shattered my world to pieces, to bring up all the pain and wrong believes I had accumulated and grown accustomed to. So as well as being the Breaker-of-worlds, He is also the one who gives us security and a feeling of being loved. He is always there when I need Him as I am here when He needs me. 

Loki Himself has been misunderstood, mistreated, bound and tortured. And my sincere feeling is that He never did anything with malicious intent but mostly served the Gods in some way with His deeds. Loki does not want to cause pain and suffering, He actually longs to free us from it. 

Loki has been a blessing on all levels of my life and I offer Him my deepest gratitude for His patience, concern, compassion and love.


“I love my life.
I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.
I love my life.
I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me.
I love my life.

And finally I’m where I wanna be.”

Robbie Williams