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Chaos must exist in compliment to order for the maintenance of balance in the universe. The dark side of the Divine exists in necessary contrast to the Bright and Beautiful. 


Loki is a wild force of nature that can be fiercly destructive. Yet in nature, destruction is always followed by new growth. So, in a way, it is Loki who ushers in a new creation.

As God of Destruction we often think of Loki as frightening, negative and outright bad. From my point of view, Loki represents the destruction of falsehood, ignorance and everything that has become rigid and outdated. He destroys the illusions we choose to live in and He is, in fact, terrifying when He does.

The process of demolishing our own “safe” world that we have unconsciously constructed over the years, is a confusing, painful and disorientating experience. Many of our believes, be it feeling inadequate, weak, imperfect, useless, ashamed, guilty, etc have been carefully hidden behind blame, anger, shyness, control or power –  most of them come down to blaming “the others” for what goes wrong in our life. Or finding reasons “why” things go wrong. The fear of losing this “safe” space and facing our “imperfections” is great. So when Loki’s force hits you and life seems to escape your grasp, it is certainly chaotic and can be destructive, because we often do not even see what needs to be changed in our lives, let alone are willing to do so.

Loki demands us to look at ourselves stripped of all inner and outer securities. At who we really are, not who we want, pretend or appear to be (something so easily corrupted in today’s world of social networks). He is a God who radically destroys our masks and asks us to accept ourselves no matter where we stand. And it is because He accepts and loves us exactly the way we are, He has the power to transform us. 

Acceptance comes with forgiveness, love and compassion, gratitude and humility. Forgiveness sets us free. Love nurtures us. Compassion shelters us. Gratitude expands us. Humility brings us peace.


As much as Loki is a God of Transformation, He is inadvertently also a God of Love and Compassion. I guess the only force of God that can truly transform ignorance, is His Light in form of Love and Compassion. And Loki embodies this in boundless measure.

What is transformation? True transformation is the transformation of our human nature into something higher, so we can become who we are meant to be. One with our Source, our inner Light, our Soul, Spirit or Higher Self. So for those in search of the ultimate, absolute Truth, I believe Loki to be a great guide and teacher, as He helps to radically transform our human limitations. Most Indian scriptures say, that spirituality is for the brave and the search for the absolute Truth is not an easy path to tread on. As Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita: “The soul cannot be won by the weakling.”

It is Loki who chooses to work with us and if He does so, it is always wise to approach Him with respect and humility. While He will find those who are meant for Him, not everyone is, because we all have different aspirations and fortunately God manifests in myriad forms to please our individual needs. 

I would advise caution to call on Loki, if the intent is not sincere or simply because He is “in fashion” thanks to a certain comic character. Loki can rip our worlds to pieces, if He deems it necessary, and throw our life into chaos – not necessarily a pleasant experience. I believe even those who have an affinity with Him, often find it challenging to surrender to His ways.

Loki is a God who offers many gifts if one is willing and able to play with Him and surrender to His way of doing things. Loki’s way can appear chaotic, sometimes even reckless and erratic. Yet I doubt it ever is, because everything He does is full of awareness. There is an order to Loki’s chaos that is beyond our perception.

The end of an era

We live in a time of transformation and the ruler of this era is the God of Chaos and Destruction, whatever form He will take – be it Lord Shiva, Rudra or Loki.

As Loki is the aspect of God that brings Change and Transformation, we live in His time. In this time of transition, the old structure of our world (inner and outer) is being dismantled while a new one is growing. Everything that does not serve us anymore, that does not serve the new consciousness that is dawning on earth, will surface and be transformed (or destroyed). In this time of transformation the ruler of this era is the God of Chaos and Transformation, whatever form He will take – be it Lord Shiva, Rudra or Loki. This aspect of God ushers in a new creation. Falsehood is destroyed to be illumined. Truth is re-established.

The more we cling to old beliefs, structures and regimes, the more painful it will be. All the falsehood is coming to light, so it can be transformed. It is basically as if sewage is being pushed back up the drain, and it floods your home, dispelling all the smelly debris that sat there for ages and leaving a stinky mess … it will take a while to clean it up!

On one hand, it is a most intense time, on the other hand it is a most precious time and if we are willing to embrace the truth and rid us of our illusions, it can be a time of great healing.

Loki works with us on many levels. He comes down into our deepest darkness, when He works on and transforms our desires, passions, primordial needs and fears, while on a higher level he works with our minds, intuition and ideas. He is certainly a very creative God. This might explain why He has so many faces. Everything Loki embodies is genuine – be it a seductive and passionate lover or a cunning trickster, who enjoys a bit of fun on other’s expense, a God feared for His temper, a Master of Magic, a caring and loyal friend or a mentor. Whatever He embodies, it is exactly what is needed by the person who encounters Him.

In His highest Form Loki is brilliant, full of Light and He embodies boundless love, affection and compassion … and Loki shines most brightly when we are true to ourselves.

Loki’s Binding

Human beings are meant to thrive, and I feel that Loki is the flame inside of us that lets us thrive to go beyond ourselves, become something greater than we are.

I wonder if Loki’s binding is more closely connected to the condition on this planet than we think. Human beings are meant to be free, powerful, beautiful spiritual beings – but we choose to live in a prison of believes that belittle us, give our responsibility away to people who corrupt us and are poisend by ignorance. The binding of Loki is so similar to our own situation. He is meant to be free, yet He was bound (for His “crimes” or sins?) and is poisoned by a snake (ignorance?). 

Descriptions of Loki’s binding make us believe that He pays the penalty for His actions, for the killing of Balder. But what if Loki actually preserved Balder for when the time is right? Ready to rise again when the old corrupt order of this world is destroyed? I am not the only one who does not see Loki as the culprit in this story. I warmly recommend to read through the account on Loki on the site.

What if to free Loki means to free ourselves? Loki wants us to claim back our power, so that we can transcend earthly bondage. What, if we really believed we could? Would we have the audacity to reach for the stars and rise beyond earth, or even Heaven? The old order would not have allowed this, so maybe Loki had to be bound in order to control humanity’s aspiration.