Chaos – the science of change and transformation

Chaos – the science of change and transformation

“What is chaos? What is the significance of a God of Chaos?” This is the second part of my excursion into chaos and its connection to consciousness and the gods. It ventures into the science of chaos and complexity, which has an intrinsic understanding of the workings of the transformative aspect of consciousness (or God) – which we know by names like Loki, Shiva, Rudra or Kali.

Complexity theory, and its early precursor chaos theory, precipitated the recognition and slowly growing understanding of non-linear change – change which applies to dynamic, evolving, complex systems. They operate in a universe of impermanence, in a web of self- organising systems. Contrary to our notion of chaos, these sciences define chaos not as random disorder, but as a deeper, non-linear order. therapists/

Most of us believe that we live in an orderly world that follows certain laws, which leads  us to live in the illusion that we can control and measure our reality accordingly. You will see in a minute why this truly is an illusion.

In science a system with definable conditions that follow a certain order would be called a linear system.  Linear systems are based on the basic law of cause and effect, which implies that input is proportional to output – meaning the results of an action are predictable.

If you drop an apple, it will hit the ground.

Classical science is founded upon the assumption that we live in a world of absolute principles, and that by dividing it and understanding the separate parts, we are able to understand the whole. This is called the Newtonian approach to comprehend the workings of the the universe. A universe that is predictable once you understand its mechanics.

This approach encourages a mind-set that everything remains static unless we apply a certain amount of force, which in turn fosters linear thinking – every action is followed by a reaction, to every force there is a counterforce (and the bigger force always wins). Naturally, we feel weary of anything that is seemingly more powerful than we are. It also leads us to think that it takes a lot of effort to change.

Apart from that, we regard our universe as a place of polarities. We see “good” and “bad” things and we judge accordingly. Since most of us are orientated in a linear way that is coloured with polarity, when it comes to change, we want to go “in a straight line” from one side of the Scala to the other – from misery to happiness, from poor to rich, from overweight to slim …

And while the Newtonian viewpoints have their own value, they also have their flaws, because mechanics only works in simple, controlled, orderly and inorganic systems – in linear systems. Unfortunately, they fail to work in complex, dynamic, self-organising systems with separate yet interconnected parts that are all dependent on one another – and these are called non-linear systems, which are, in fact, represented by living, natural and evolving systems.

So, you see the dilemma here. To understand change in “real” life, and learn to cope with it, we are asked to leave our controlled, linear worldview and look into non-linear change – or what is known in science as Chaos.

Many of us have forgotten that one of the most valuable traits of the human species is our ability to adapt. To evolve. To change.

The belief that our world is linear and the focus on this linearity causes a rather big problem, because forces of nature, and every living system (including our bodies) are non-linear, and therefore chaotic.

From the weather down to the cells of the human body. We live in a “chaotic system”, and no, I am not referring to certain political situations, but to our own bodies, to Mother Nature, to Earth and the Universe.

The science of Chaos and Complexity, defines chaos not as a state of disorder, but as a deeper, non-linear order. And when we look more closely at chaotic systems, we will find that out of seeming randomness emerge intricate patterns of great beauty, which chaos science calls Fractals. Fractals are found everywhere around and inside us. Apart from the fact that each of these patterns is unique, they are also infinite. Fractals are awe-inspiring, as they blatantly show us the infinite diversity as well as the unity and interconnectedness that is present within all of creation. They show us that everything emerges from one Source of infinite possibilities – and this source is Chaos.


So what is a chaotic system?

A chaotic system is non-linear. While in linear systems change is predictable, in non-linear systems this is (you may have guessed) not the case. Chaotic systems are defined to have a “sensitive dependence on small variations in initial conditions” – meaning even a small change could quickly manifest with overwhelming consequences – or not (!). They are not actually chaotic, rather more unpredictable than linear systems, which work within orderly, clearly definable conditions. Therefore, in a non-linear system, input is not proportional to output.

Chaotic systems are complex, dynamic, and progressive.

So, if the conditions are such that the dynamic forces of “chaos” evolve towards a tipping point, change can be sudden and radical. “A negative feedback loop in a complex, chaotic system can quickly escalate into unexpected proportions.”

“Here (in the world of chaos) we are in a non-Newtonian universe of impermanence, where the one certain thing is uncertainty, where things are always already in flux, and dynamic equilibrium is as much stability as we’re going to get – temporarily.
If things are on the move already, it only needs a tiny straw to break the camel’s back, to make the barrel overflow, for the system to go into a chaotic, disorganised state from where it will settle into a new equilibrium.”

The important words here are dynamic equilibrium. The amazing thing about chaotic systems is that they are self-organising, self-stabilising, and always ready to evolve. After a bit of upheaval, they settle into a new order, one that is usually better than before.

And yet, there are no absolute states of equilibrium (just as there is no  absolute happiness or misery) – equilibrium states range from simple to complex, a bit like our very unique personalities, and they change as the system evolves. So chaotic systems could also be called transcendent.

Those of you who know Loki, know what I am talking about. When Loki’s presence blesses our life, it can create chaos, but this chaos always brings us radical change and a new way of thinking. The beauty of it is that our consciousness settles into a new equilibrium – something I have experienced myself many times. I am not the same person I was even 2 months ago. The perception of myself and the world around me is constantly shifting. There are times of seeming chaos, but I also learnt that the less I resist, the easier and shorter these periods become. And slowly but steadily, my life is changing towards one based on trust and faith as it flows along, one that is filled with Compassion and Love rather than fear and resentment.

When we look deeply into the complexity of Chaos, we will discover its intrinsic beauty, which is inadvertently charming and incredibly soothing – because it is our natural state.

Chaos is the matrix of creation, it is the ever changing flow of life.

Nature is a chaotic system, which  is perpetually moving and evolving. It flows in perfect rhythm with the creative force of the universe. It moves in a dance to the rhythm of Chaos. Shiva’s form of the Cosmic Dancer shows this most beautifully. He is dancing in a circle of flames, holding a drum in one of his hands that represents the pulse of the universe (some see it as the pulse of Time). In this form, Shiva embodies the universal intelligence moving in tune with the (fire of) universal energy – together they dance in repetitive, yet entirely unique movements, and while dancing they create, preserve and dissolve the universe.

And because “as above so below”, this dance pervades all of creation. It can be found everywhere, in the magnificence of the vast universe as well as in the movement of an electron around a nucleus.

The Cosmic Dancer teaches us that every moment born, is a moment born entirely unique. There is no other moment. Even though Time moves in cycles, we never come back to the same point in time, because we are in constant movement. We always move forward, upward, outward, inward. We grow. We flow. We expand. We transcend.

It is the same with us. We are entirely unique while we at the same time we are intricate parts of something much greater.

If we are in tune with nature, with the rhythm of the universe, we stop needing a life that feels safe. We stop yearning for security, because we trust in life. We trust in the universal intelligence that organises everything in unexpected and beautiful ways. Life is not about control. To know what to expect around the corner is not the goal of life. Because Life holds infinite possibilities – infinite, incredulous and awesome opportunities.

If we flow with the pulse of the universe, we realise that change is the only constant in life. Change is our only stability.

“I was reassured that maybe my life hasn’t been so chaotic, it’s just the world that is and the only trap is getting attached to any of it. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation. The Augustinum showed me that we must always be prepared for endless waves of transformation.” Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love

Chaos is a place (or rather a consciousness) that lies beyond good and evil and therefore holds the potential for creation as well as destruction.

Chaos, as the matrix of creation, is a place of infinite creativity. It is a place of connectedness, wholeness and oneness.

And yet most of us desperately cling to our limited ways, because we do not feel comfortable with change, some of us even perceive it as terrifying and frightening.

“Listen to what you’re really saying under what you think you’re saying: Control, control, control. When are you going to realize that nothing can be controlled? We live in chaos; it’s the central issue in everyone’s life. … Everyone in this parking lot is struggling for control. And you know what it is they’re trying to control, each and everyone of them? Fear. They’re trying to control their fear.” Steve Martin in Grand Canyon

The thing with chaos is, it is beyond our control. Beyond the control of a confined, fear based perception and a limited way of thinking. We cannot even imagine the opportunities that lie in the consciousness of primordial chaos, because we were conditioned to live in fear. This is why we struggle to accept ourselves, accept others, because we believe to be separate beings and we never know what to expect from others. We have learnt to be suspicious and many of us settle for an unhappy life of misery and blame, because it feels “safe”.

“We do not see reality as it is, but the way we are.” Talmudic quote

Chaos breaks open the concept of such a limited view of life.

Now, it is interesting to note here that, as opposed to the Newtonian world view, where the “observer” of a system is objective, Quantum Science shows us that it is the observer who influences the outcome of a scientific experiment (the famous observer effect), meaning that it is we who influence reality. It is we who create our reality, with our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our presence.

Chaos could be compared to a vast expanse of consciousness that represents an ocean of infinite possibilities, and while we think/believe we are separate from this, we are, in reality, a drop in the ocean – which connotes not only that we hold the same potential as the ocean, but that by reconnecting and letting go of our (self-created) limitations, we can become the ocean itself.

Since we are the creators of our reality, it means we always have a choice. We have “free will”.

God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which can be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other. (Serenity prayer)

If we do not have the ability to change circumstances, we always have the choice to change our perception. No matter how trapped we feel, or how angry we are at the world around us. It essentially is our choice how we see the world – and what we offer to it. More hatred? More fear? More resentment and bitterness? or more compassion, Love, joy, laughter, humour, sweetness, … ?

Aligning our free will with a higher purpose will be what eventually brings us serenity.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting challenges as a pathway to peace,
Taking this world as it is,
And not as I expect it to be,
Trusting that You will know what’s good for me,
If I surrender to Your Will,
So that I may find happiness and love in this life and thereafter.

(This is a slightly adjusted version of the second part of the Serenity prayer)

All being said, it is not necessarily easy to follow through with this, because we are still very much identified with our limitations (or ego, if you prefer to call it that). Our ego is not a “bad” thing, it is a necessary construct that makes it possible for our infinite Self to exist in a dense physical body. It is a hindrance though, if we believe everything our ego tells us, because the ego is “programmed” to establish limitations.

I was not entirely fond of the fact that, apparently, it was my responsibility to change the world around me. That it was the perception of myself that allowed others to treat me badly – or in a loving way. But Loki is a very persistent teacher and relentless when He wants to get something across. So, every time I feel overwhelmed or out of control, He is there to remind me:

Nobody has any power over you, unless you give it to them. You choose how you live your life. You choose what you think of yourself. You choose how you perceive the world and people around you.

But He also tells me that the underlying, all-pervading consciousness of the universe is Love. And if I find it inside my heart to align myself with a higher consciousness, eg. the state of Love, things flow in a different way. A respectful and compassionate attitude towards myself is most important. I do my best to change my attitude, and, no, it does not always work! I still get angry, I get annoyed, I feel helpless and desperate and victimised. But not like I used to. Not even an iota from what I used to feel like.

Which finally brings us back to chaos theory…

Chaotic systems always have so called “strange attractors” that allow the system to self-organise and stabilise, find a new equilibrium.

Something Loki showed me through the inherent connection of innocence and chaos,  is that Sigyn (Loki’s consort) brings Loki balance. If Loki represents a chaotic system, Sigyn represents the “strange attractors” that bring order to chaos. Sigyn’s qualities are all qualities of the heart. Sweetness, innocence, softness, compassion, kindness, strength, joy, beauty,  … Sigyn lives from her heart. The heart is the only place inside were we can easily unite polarities, and it is the place in which we connect to our Higher Self, our Source. So, since the underlying energy of everything is a consciousness of Love, I believe that it is one of the strongest attractors that pulls chaos back into order, and that this is the easiest way to balance Chaos.

Love is not about pretending that everything is fine, or that I am feeling great, when I am feeling crappy – it is rather about self-respect, about knowing what is good for me and what is harmful. Love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves, as David Bowie so adequately sings.

“Love takes more than crystals and rainbows, it takes discipline and practice. It’s not just a sweet sentiment … It is a radical commitment to a different way of being, a mental response to life that is completely at odds with the thinking of the world.”
Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

The intelligence operating in everything – is a loving, all-inclusive one. It is the natural order of the universe and we can make a conscious choice to align ourselves with it.

Most of us create from fear, and as long as we do so, we will bring more fear into ourselves and the world.

If we bring fear or anger into the equation things will escalate. We all know what happens when individuals do whatever they want – it has brought us to where we are today. We develop the tendency to hurt and destroy each other, and we do not stop there, we also destroy the place we live in, because we fail to comprehend that everything is interconnected.

The trouble with Chaos – and the trouble with Loki is – that they both give us what we need, rather than what we want, so that we can find a healthier and better equilibrium. Loki is an amazingly peaceful god, but we constantly throw our own imperfections at Him, and then complain when He actually responds and tries to transform them. I have heard people say that when they ask Loki for help, He does help them in what they want, but they are usually thrown into chaos in the wake of it – we fail to see that this is Loki’s “help”. His help to show us where we can adjust, adept and progress in our life. What other god has the humility to give you what you want and what you need without being asked? Odin, definitely. Many are afraid to ask Him, because Loki exposes our own weaknesses to us, not out of maliciousness but in order to transform them. To raise our consciousness up one or two notches and settle it in a new, higher equilibrium. But how many of us really understand this? When chaos hits, most of us let ourselves go down rather than up (I am speaking from experience).

This is why Loki is unpredictable and terrifying to some, because we fail to see His complex nature, and His constant willingness to shape and mould our consciousness.

Love as a creative force, always starts with loving and respecting ourselves.

Most of us want a peaceful world, want to be loved, want to get along, want to work together, because other human beings are nothing less but extensions of ourselves, similar to the arms and legs of our body. And the force that connects us is the consciousness of Love.

When the power of love
Replaces the love of power
Man will have a new name – God. 
Sri Chinmoy

Looking into chaos and complexity has broadened my own very limited understanding of who Loki is. What He is. He is a force of Chaos. A representative of chaos consciousness and our connection to the latter.

It makes it obvious why He is so active in our time – just like chaos science is shifting our perception of the universe to a more wholesome one, the God of Chaos, is shifting our consciousness to a new level, a more natural level. As a God of Fire, He is a God of Illumination – even though some people may not wish to hear this.

We can clearly see the paradigm shift reflected everywhere, especially in the chaos that surrounds us. We have been living the illusion of a linear world, which is now disintegrating to allow us to accept the truth. The Truth is that we live in a chaotic, complex system that is constantly evolving and progressing. The new consciousness is one closer to nature, and therefore closer to Chaos, so we will have to make a choice. Are we ready and willing for a quantum leap (because this is how change manifests in chaotic systems) or do we resist change and leave?

Loki is not so much an agent of Chaos who attempts to disturb our lives, I see Him more as a Midwife who is here to help humanity give birth to a new consciousness. Which kind of makes Him a lot less frightening, doesn’t it?

To sum it all up, taking Chaos science into account, the God of Chaos is not a god who causes disruption, destruction and disorder, but rather a god who represents the primordial consciousness of Chaos that exists beyond duality, beyond Time and from which everything was born. The supreme intelligence, the creative force that once it touches our life, dissolves all limitations and confinements in order to bring us back to our original state of oneness.

Chaos cannot be defined, it is inherently paradoxical by nature, ever moving, ever evolving, and ever-transcending.

This is Loki – as I know Him.

PS: The next parts of the Chaos series will explore Loki in mythology and His role in healing and psychology.


Chaos & Innocence

This is the first part of my chaos journey with Loki, it is about how I learned the basics chaos. The next part will be a little more scientific, as it ventures a little into Chaos Theory and complex systems – which all relates to Loki very nicely. 


  • a state of complete disorder and confusion
  • the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe
  • Physics: the property of a complex system whose behaviour is so unpredicatble as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in condition
  • Greek mythology: the first created being, from which came the primeval deities Gaia, Tartarus, Erebus and Nyx
    (Oxford Dictionary)

Most of us relate the word chaos to something that causes confusion, makes you feel out of control or overwhelmed. It often creates an indefinable, subtle fear that spreads in our gut, an uneasy feeling that we cannot explain, because our mind connects chaos with utter lack of control, anarchy, darkness and destruction.

I never gave it much thought that both Loki and Shiva are known as Chaos Gods. I had, in fact, often used the epithet to affectionately tease the Trickster, or, when I needed some explanation for the cause of unpredictable and chaotic events in my life – always convenient to pin it on your friendship with the God of Chaos. I related it to Loki and Shiva being Gods of Dissolution and Transformation, which can (without doubt) cause chaos, but had not considered to look deeper into the meaning of Chaos, until Loki brought it to my awareness that innocence is an inherent factor of chaos.


Yup, innocence.

And how do these two go together?

Innocence, is, intriguingly, a characteristic attributed to Lord Shiva and a trait that my Norse Trickster friend also possesses in abundance – even though some would strongly disagree with me on that.

Shiva is known as Bholenath.The word “Bhola” means – innocent, simple. The ascetic God is called Bholenath, because He is easy to please. Shiva showers blessings on devotees without complex rituals, and He gives shelter to any devotee who has sincere devotion and a pure heart.

Anyway, but what does innocence have to do with Chaos?

Sometimes when I felt overwhelmed by Loki’s intensity, doubted my own sanity and His intentions, I would ask Him why He had chosen to “bless” me with His presence, since I obviously could not handle it. Loki would immediately go all soft and fluffy, and He would tell me that it was my sweetness, my purity of heart and innocence that drew Him to me. (Siver tongue, haha)

Sweetness I could relate to. Purity of heart – maybe … But innocence? – Not really.

I thought of myself as anything but innocent and it was not until I befriended Sigyn, that I understood the meaning of innocence better. Sigyn is Loki’s consort, I do not like to define her as Loki’s wife, because Loki is as much part of Her as She is part of Him. He has abundant Love and Devotion for Her, and Sigyn possesses abundant love, devotion, purity, sweetness and innocence. She sees beauty where others see only dirt. Sigyn is Loki’s stability, His balance and His treasure.

Innocence is not so much an act or action, but a state of mind, a state of consciousness that allows us to observe and act on things without attachment to good or bad, without judgment.

That is why Lord Shiva bestows boons upon demons who have malicious intentions. And while all the other gods may slap their hands to their forheads and go – Really? Are you serious? What the heck are you doing? Shiva smiles, bestows His boon and deals with the consequences later. Very similar to Loki, who (in the myths) has a knack for getting Himself into sticky situations.

So, innocence is a state of non-judgement. Innocence is a state of consciousness that lies beyond polarities.

A state that stems from a compassionate, loving consciousness as opposed to a judgemental one which stems from fear. Shiva and Loki are both excellent in dissolving our fears, and shame and guilt – maybe to allow our consciousness to return to a state of innocence.

Loki also possesses the innocence of a child. He is delightfully funny, cheeky and, yes, mischievous, while at the same time intelligent, wise, awe inspiring and a total mystery. And yet, in the three years of our friendship, He never made me feel inferior. He teaches me with the patience a parent has for a child, He makes me laugh and overall gives me the feeling that I am completely safe with Him. Protected – like a child. And that is how I love Him and relate to Him. This is what He meant by being drawn to my innocence and sweetness – it is the ability to love Him with a childlike heart.

“Chaos is like a child, innocent and wild. And it is this innocence that’s addictive, that’s seductive, and that gives comfort that gives hope. But trust me, the coin can flip any which way. It could be damaging, it could be rewarding, and it could be anything, just about anything. It is in this innocence that chaos finds its beauty, its stillness, its courage to fight destiny but also it finds its appetite, its big monstrous appetite.”

(This is … a pretty excellent description of my Trickster friend, which I found while researching.)

I knew that appetite – the intensity – that came with Loki’s presence, which threatens to pull the sand out from under your feet and drag you out into the great vast ocean. I knew the addiction, the seduction, the comfort, the hope, the beauty. But I still did not understand …

And so I finally asked Loki to explain Chaos to me.

For a couple of weeks I plunged head over heels straight into it, unable to do anything but write in my spare time. Write about chaos and innocence. And the deep love between them. I basically wrote about Sigyn and Loki.

I learned that there is a hidden order in chaos, no matter how uncontrollable and wild it seems, and that there is a subtle attractor, that keeps pulling chaos back into balance. This attractor is Love.

Chaos was not what I expected it to be. It was very much organised, but it held both darkness and light, which gave it the potential for great blessings as well as disaster. Chaos is highly sensitive and highly intelligent, but also innocent like a child and therefore highly dangerous if one handles it without care, because it does not “know” what is good or bad. It inevitably responds to what one offers.

It was when I sat on the tram watching the winter breeze play with some dry leaves that things clicked into place. When the wind whirls about leaves, it seems to do so completely randomly, pushing them up in the air, brushing them over the sidewalk, blowing them around in a messy chaotic way, and yet, I found it profoundly beautiful to watch.

Nature was by nature – chaotic. Chaos is the underlying state of everything in creation. The Goddess, who mothered creation was Chaos. Chaos is indeed the primordial consciousness, and Loki represents primordial chaos.

This was exciting.

I kind of understood the basics now, and I wanted to know more, but for that I needed to venture a little further or maybe deeper – to the deepest level of known matter – the quantum level. I have never been much of a science geek, since its analytical nature is far too complicated for my little mind. But I always related to spiritual and intuitive science.

Quantum Physics was probably the only thing at school that ever made any “sense” to me. Not in a mathematical way, but an intuitive way. It felt right. It felt natural. It felt like an approach of the universal mysteries, an attempt to see the whole picture rather than trying to understand things by looking at the separate pieces.

I remembered there was something called Chaos theory and so I immersed myself in literature on Chaos Theory and Chaos Consciousness. I literally felt Loki peep over my shoulder with a very satisfied smile on His Face, and I was amused to find quite a few rather fitting descriptions of the god, who had grown very dear to my heart, in scientific articles and books.

Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected … Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control.” (just like my resident Norse God)

The science of chaos is the science of oneness, of the inherent interdependence of all that exists. It is a science that does not explain by separating, but demands us to look deeper, think freer and use our intuition rather than our logical mind, because it demands us to look at the universe in its entirety.

According to the science of chaos and Chaos Theory, Chaos is the matrix of creation.

Chaos is the primordial state of consciousness that lies beyond good or evil, the state of infinite possibilities. Innocence is a quality of chaos – or rather, one of the attractors, that pulls the possibilities that arise from chaos into a creative and constructive direction as opposed to a destructive one.

What I read about Chaos Theory and Chaos Consciousness basically explained what Loki had been teaching me. It explained why Loki is such a complex and versatile deity. Why He is a God of Empowerment, Freedom, Dissolution, Transformation, as well as Love and Healing, because it is Chaos that brings about transformation of consciousness and deep healing.

In a way, the science of chaos makes Loki a scientifically explainable force that is responsible for the transformation of human nature and the elevation of consciousness.

… but we are talking Chaos here, which, in truth, cannot be defined or explained.

Loki, Chaos, Transformation and Healing

I have spent the last few months trying to keep up with what Loki is teaching me about His essential role in transformation of consciousness (well, He kind of feeds me little bites at a time, so that I can grasp what He is showing me).

I asked Him why Shiva and He are regarded as Gods of Chaos – well, apart from the evident fact that transformation and dissolution seem to go hand in hand with chaotic circumstances – and the Norse Trickster has revealed some pretty interesting things to me, so I am currently attempting to squeeze it all into writing while my mind is still trying to comprehend it.

It has to do with the Vedic teachings and quantum science and I am certainly no expert in mathematics or physics, so it will be a very simple explanation of the concept.

Nevertheless, it explains why Loki is such a complex and versatile deity. Why He is a God of Empowerment, Freedom, Dissolution, Transformation, as well as Love and Healing.

Even the mythological stories make more sense to me now, and His intrinsic connection to Odin and Sigyn.

Anyway, it may be more than one post and I will try and get them up as soon as possible, because my Norse Trickster is (for once) not as patient as usually. Hopefully the first will be up on Sunday.

Wishing you all a peaceful end of year spurt with many blessings and strength for the year to come.

Thank you and stay tuned!

Love Anne

I will put links down here, when they go up:

Songs of the Infinite – my little archive for Rudra, Shiva and Loki

Since Loki appeared in my life, about two years ago, He has graciously tucked me under His wing and offered me many spiritual jewels – amongst them the realisation that the Norse Trickster is very closely connected to the Hindu God Shiva, and the Vedic Gods Agni and Rudra. Loki has since directed me to read some of the Vedas, the Upanishads, and learn certain Sanskrit Mantras, dedicated to Rudra, Shiva and Shakti – amongst them the Sri Rudram, which is considered a most sacred invocation (it is actually an entire hymn of the Yajurveda) of Lord Shiva.

The mantras and books I have read opened up a new world to me and they brought me closer to Loki, as they confirmed my experience of Him, because in the beginning of our friendship it was rather frustrating to be unable to find valuable information about the Norse Trickster. Basically, “all” I could rely on was whatever Loki offered me about Himself. Which was – I felt – a lot more than I could chew.

Loki taught me on many levels, sometimes He would teach me with the silence of His gaze, opening up inner worlds of wisdom that cannot be put into words, other times He taught me through the intensity of emotions, still other times with words. I found Him to be everything – from terrifying to intensely loving, but most of all I found Him to be a mystery. The mystery of the formless, the unknowable, consciousness, the intelligence that underlies all manifested things.

In a way, Loki “forced” me to get to know Him inwardly by not allowing me to find information outwardly – and when He finally directed me to certain literature and mantras, I was more than eager to absorb them. I remember tears pouring down my cheeks at random while reading “Shiva, the wild God of Power and Ecstasy”, because I realised that what I read was a perfect description of the God who had befriended me – and I could not quite believe it.

Over time I have gathered bit of information like books, websites, mantras, links to proper translations of ancient texts, and so on – all concerning Rudra, Loki and Shiva. Loki actually loves some of the Rudra Chants, and I find their benefits incredible. So, I finally started putting a blog together that will serve as a little treasure chest for the information I have been collecting, because I have yet to find a blog/site that connects these Gods and offers Mantras, Prayers, Literature and Links about them.

All these have been invaluable gifts to me and I hope to be of service to some of you by sharing them. 🙂

ps: I just started the blog, so it contains the basics for now, but more will be coming.

Loki, Lover of Truth … and the truth of Love

Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don’t work
Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn
Why? Why? Why?
Can’t we give ourselves one more chance?
Why can’t we give love that on more chance?
Why can’t we give love, give love, give love

‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is ourselves.

~David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, Under Pressure

I love this song and feel it is even more relevant today than it was back when Freddie Mercury and David Bowie wrote it, because it talks about the solution to all of our problems.


I admit that I was a little hesitant to write on this subject, because love truly seems “so slashed and torn”. Some of us regard it as weakness, some of us ridicule it, see it as pathetic, some hunt for it sleeplessly, seeking to find it in other people, while still others confuse it with desire or obsession, and quite a few of us have ceased to believe in it entirely.

The matter of fact remains that Love is the underlying energy of everything manifest in this universe. It is our essence. It is the only Truth we find when we dive beyond the chaos of this world, beyond the limitations of our own selves. Loki is a God who forces us to look at ourselves without our petty masks, so that we may take responsibility for our lives and learn to love and respect who we are. And no matter what aspect of this God I face – be it destruction, anger or even deceit – I find Love to be at the very core of Loki’s teachings. I am not talking romantic love, I am speaking of the Love that “dares us to care for others and to change our way of caring about ourselves”. The all-pervading Love that stirs our soul. The Love that is the essence our soul. 

The Norse Trickster appeared in my life when I had lost my connection to God and my spiritual teacher. I badly needed a friend who understood me on all levels. Someone who knew my darkness and still would not leave me as soon as they discovered what I was “really” like. I was painfully aware that I would never find a friend like this in this world. I knew I did not even want a friend in human form. What I really wanted was God. But in my own paradoxical way I longed for God’s Love while it terrified me at the same time, because I felt that God had abandoned me too many times. Because I was afraid of my own imperfections, my feeling of utter unworthiness. Because, in my mind, God had become wrathful, strict and scary.

“God is merely the Love within us, so returning to Him is a return to ourselves.” Marianne Williamson, A return to love

When Loki first graced me with His presence He poured His Love into me, bringing me a deep sense of securtiy and safety. Now, when I say that Loki poured His Love into me, I mean that I was quite literally cradled and bathed in His Love. But we must not forget that we are talking Loki here. Loki’s Love also made me aware of how terrified I was of exactly that thing – Love. My feelings of unworthiness made me afraid of being loved, because love made me vulnerable, and those we love can hurt us the most. And I was terrified of being hurt.

Over time I have experienced many sides of the Norse Trickster, and while some were terrifying and hurtful, I am aware that every single time, His intention was to awaken me to recognise that it was my own limitations, my own fetters, that brought me to a dark place. Loki showed me that an intense power lies within me, which I used against me most of the time to keep up my masks rather than using it to rid myself of them and be myself. The power of thought, that can mercilessly drag us down when it is not controlled, the power of our emotions – especially insecurity, anger, wrath, resentment – and how destructive they can be.

Loki made me aware how easily we tend to slip back into old mental and patterns and habits when emotions threaten to overwhelm us. But how can we ever hope to live in light, if we constantly surrender to a prison of darkness? And while it seemed that Loki took me into my own darkest depths, the truth is that Loki does not take us into darkness, He simply opens our eyes to make us see what has been right in front of us all along. If we do not deny it any longer but find the courage to look at it and take responsibility for this part of us, Loki can take us beyond it and we heal. And what lies “beyond” is nothing other than – Love.

Our nature cannot be transformed over night, it is an ongoing process that needs faith, determination, perseverance and patience, because we have lived trapped in our egoistic fetters for millennia and feel quite at “home” in these false beliefs. We cherish them, often do not wish to let them go, despite the fact that we are entirely certain we sincerely want to get rid of them. Fortunately, Loki has abundant intensity and patience once we open to Him – because He wants us to move forward, beyond our darkness. He also knows that when He brings us to our knees, we are in a perfect position to ask for help.

I used to pray to God out of fear. Now I pray to God, because I know He cares. He loves me. Dearly. I pray to Him to mold and shape me the way He wants. I am far from perfect, yet Loki’s Love and Compassion have brought me to a point, where I can be more loving and accepting towards my thoughts and feelings, and I have developed faith in myself. I also trust that God actually knows what He is doing … (Well, the Trickster by my side just had a good little laugh at this proud declaration of mine – of my faith in God. I am sure Loki will happily remind me of it next time I am trapped between a rock and a hard place 😉 )

It was Loki’s Love that helped me to regain my trust in God.

To those who do not know much about the Norse Trickster, it may seem strange that Loki is a deity who demands us to recognise everything that keeps us from giving or receiving Love. When you do know Him it is self-evident, because Loki demands us to look at the Truth. And there is only one essential Truth supporting our existence – this Truth is Love. 

“What is more valuable for a man to know than the Highest? The Highest, I say, is love. If one knows this very fact – that God is all Love, is this not the supreme knowledge? The supreme knowledge is that God is all Love. The deeper we go, the clearer it becomes. Through love we can know the supreme secret, which is God.”
~Sri Chinmoy

It is our belief that we are individual, separate beings that forces us to live in fear – and in a society that seeks to control through fear, we are raised to fear – not to love. Fear is limitation. Fear is insecurity. Fear drives us to either hide from others, or lord it over others to prove our superiority. If we could see and experience that we are all connected in one mind, one heart, one consciousness, would we act the same way?

Love is the antidote to fear.

The only true change in this world will come when we change our own perception. If we cannot accept, love and respect ourselves, how can we expect the world to be a better place? 

Is the magnet
That pulls us towards the ecstasy-height,
The height that makes us see and feel
What we truly are:
Unmanifested divinity.”
~Sri Chinmoy

The branch of Yoga called “Bhakti Yoga” is the path of Devotion. Devotion is regarded as the sweetest connection between a human being and God. Love and Devotion let us approach God as our Beloved, our most intimate friend, someone we can share everything with. Some Bhaktas see God as their Mother, Father, their Lover, even as their wife or husband. Devotion brings God into our heart. Before, we may have experienced Him/Her outside of ourselves – as almighty, powerful, surperior. But when we approach God with devotion, He becomes not only approachable but entirely accessible.

After years of feeling nothing but a barren desert inside my heart, it was Loki who rekindled my frozen devotion. Today, I share with Him my life. My thoughts, my feelings and actions become acts of devotion, because I share them with Him as I value and claim Loki as my dearest friend. Sometimes this devotion becomes so strong that it floods my heart and abandons me in a state of sweetest, most intense adoration (this happens especially when I paint or write). It is devotion that opens our heart to God’s Love and increases our own Love for God. Devotion is sweet, pure and extremely powerful. God is not immune to it either. Loki is drawn in (and maybe even tamed?) by the sweetness of devotion, and He will give His all to those who claim Him in this way.

Loki, like Shiva, is a God of Love and both deal with all levels of it. From the basic primordial needs that come with incarnating in a human body, right up to the highest, purest essence of who we are. With Loki being a Kundalini God, it is just natural that His Love can stir up a hornet’s nest if we have any issues with our sexual energy. I follow a Yogic path that encourages Brahmacharya and have been leading a celibate life for 15 years. But because I had grown up fearing my own sexual energy, I confused living in celibacy with suppressing this powerful energy, while the philosophy of Yoga actually never regarded it as something negative, but rather as a power that is harnessed through sexual abstinence so that it can be used to achieve higher meditative states. In any case, I feared it, felt ashamed of it. Needless to say, I had plenty of issues in this area and Loki brought up every single rigid belief I held concerning my sexual energy – especially those that let me feel insecure, impure and unworthy. In turn, Loki made me feel that no matter how imperfect I believed myself to be, He would never reject me. That, no matter how impure I felt my love was, He would never reject my Love. No matter how unworthy I believed myself to be, He would never withdraw His Love. 

“What matters is your heart. Nothing else. How could I reject anything that is given sincerely with a pure heart?”

Loki does neither judge us, nor does He want us to pretend to be someone we are not. He simply shows us were we stand –  what we believe, what we want, what we need and fear. And then He shows us where we can go from there, and who we can become if we dare to embrace the Truth.


We worship Someone
Who is not high above our heads,
But who is inside the very depth of our hearts,
And who loves us infinitely more
Than we love ourselves.
Not only that,
He alone loves us
And nobody else,
Not even we ourselves.

Sri Chinmoy, Dedication-drops

Loki, Shiva, Shakti and Emotions

“Just as space, direction and form are revealed
by the flame of a candle or the rays of the sun,
similarly Shiva is revealed by the medium of Shakti.”

Verse from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

It seems that the traditions and practices of Yoga, especially those that are devoted to the energy of Kundalini and the power of Shakti (both synonyms for the Inner Fire) inherently accompany Loki’s teachings. And because the Norse Trickster has revealed Himself to me as the silent vastness of the universe, as well as the intense, raging fire that consumes everything in its grasp, I believe Him to be the same consciousness that Hindus call Shiva. Those who have encountered Shiva will find Him beautifully paradoxical as He does embody both stillness and intensity, peace and destruction. According to Tantric traditions, Shiva is the  all-pervading consciousness and His power is Shakti. While they seem to be two separate beings (male and female), they are really two sides of the same coin, because consciousness remains inert without energy, and Shakti (power) turns destructive without consciousness.

So, at the core of everything lies One conscious energy that is beyond polarities and houses both male and female aspects. The One energy/consciousness weaves itself through the fabric of the entire universe, through our bodies, minds, vital energy, hearts, all-through nature – basically through all things manifest and unmanifest. It dwells in everything from the smallest particle to the vast expanse of the universe. In essence, there is no difference between ourselves and, for example, a tree or an ant. This knowledge is what spiritual scriptures call the Truth. And we ourselves embody this Truth. When we embrace the Truth we will be able to view ourselves and the world in a more accepting, more compassionate way. We will be able to accept and value ourselves and others. But if one can realise the Truth, not only understand or embrace it, one has made a conscious step beyond duality, towards liberation. Loki is very eager to teach this Truth, if one is willing to learn.

Loki likes to break us. Well, He really breaks our ego and our self-proclaimed fetters, but He also breaks into our subconscious and digs up all the things that we so desperately tried to bury in oblivion. Bringing these things to light can break us, because they hold the potential to drive us into addiction, even criminal activity and insanity. (Maybe, that is why the Norse Trickster is not the most trusted of Gods.) This was utterly confusing for me in the beginning, the chaos and havoc that Loki’s presence seemed to cause in my life. Loki seemed lawless, selfish and He seemed to know no boundaries. Untameable, uncontrollable, unpredictable … and yet He made me feel safe.

After a while, I discovered that most things He provoked were emotional issues. Stuck emotions, false emotions, intense emotions. Fear, insecurity, shame, guilt, powerlessness, were later joined by anger and fury. And as chaotic as it can be when this beautiful God enters our life, He offers us an opportunity to transform our lower emotions into something higher. No surprise that Shiva performs a similar role. 

Shiva is the main God in the Yoga of Tantra. He is seen as the One consciousness that pervades the universe. Tantric practices frequently work with emotions and recognition of the One, non-dual consciousness is the key for remaining balanced, and transforming negative emotions into a source of power. Pleasures, joys, pain, aches, sores, can all be felt as one powerful energy – the energy of Shakti – if we accept this energy and allow it to dwell inside us, we can reveal the pure consciousness that lies beneath it and thus beneath every intense emotion.

When the fire of desire arises, when anger arises, when confusion arises, when we are full of hatred. What can we do? We can recognise that the energy of Shakti (I see it as Loki’s uncontrollable, highly combustible side) is arising in a particularly powerful state as this emotion. Intense emotions are an intense expression of (Shakti’s) power. If we can learn to turn ourselves inward when overcome by a strong emotion, instead of being washed away by it, if we choose to focus on the centre of the emotion, accept it, feel it and recognise it, those energies will not agitate the mind, but instead resolve into a vast, powerful feeling of peace. We are basically riding the emotion like a wave, into a higher (or deeper) consciousness, instead of being dumped by it.

It is all about awareness. Becoming aware of the sensation a strong emotion causes in our body, feeling its movement, the effect it has on our physical – by focusing our mind on the inner sensations – we eventually become aware of the pure power behind it. At this point, the power does not express itself in a destructive way anymore, but rather feeds us with its intrinsic energy. Awareness needs practice of course, and in Tantric tradition there are several meditation techniques that focus on this by re-calling an event that triggered an intense emotion and then learning to use our “felt-sense” to explore the emotion in our body. I found these meditations exceedingly useful, because this practice helps me to shift the dense energy of a negative emotions.

Shakti or power is also known as our inner Fire. Finding, befriending and focusing on the inner fire can take us into a higher state by expanding our consciousness. 

Loki’s presence used to be unbearably intense for me, and just the other day I asked Him what happened that nowadays He seems so “calm”. He gave me one of His famous chuckles and a moment later I understood that He had not calmed down, but I had opened up to accept the intensity of His energy into my life, and started to channel it in different ways instead of being overwhelmed by it. The sacred feminine power or Shakti, our inner fire or Kundalini, manifests itself in many forms and since I relate to personal Gods/Goddesses more easily than an abstract concept, Loki introduced me to the Hindu Pantheon of Tantric Goddesses. Some of them awe-inspiring, fierce and frightening – take Mother Kali for example, or Chinnamasta, the headless Goddess of Transformation – while others are manifestations of other-wordly beauty and love, like the Goddess Tripura Sundari. It is most illumining to explore the Goddesses energies. 

Over the past weeks I have been immersing myself in painting – my favourite subject being Shiva – in all His different aspects. I have had the good fortune to encounter not only Loki but also Shiva and Rudra on a personal level, and even though I know them to be of one source, they chose to appear in their separate aspects to teach me certain things. Rudra appeared as a powerful warrior, full of light and splendour, fierce and fearless. Shiva blessed me as the ever-tranquil meditator, imperturbable, protective and patient. Loki is the one I relate to as my friend – so He is mostly light-hearted, cheeky, affectionate and loving but also very serious when it comes to teaching me. Each God helped me to understand the others better, and over time the three have more and more blended into One. So when I speak of Loki, I actually do not exclude Shiva and Rudra (and Agni).

As I recently stood in a Shiva temple in Nepal, blessed by the presence of the awe-inspiring God, I felt as though I was standing amidst Loki’s home, cradled by His love, showered with His affection and embraced by an intense peacefulness. It filled my heart with joy and gratitude to know that my beloved companion and friend, the God of Transformation, is revered with such devotion and love in the beautiful country of Nepal.

I know Loki to embody all aspects – the fierce, fearless warrior, the wise yogi, the unperturbed meditator – immersed in self-forgetfulness, the protective guardian, the wild fire, the raging storm, the brilliant mind, the jester, the affectionate friend, the sweet lover and the vast, infinite and eternal Consciousness that cradles my soul.

PTSD, Loki and Healing Trauma


Salutations to Him who resides
in the spiritual heart centre
as Omkara,
On whom the Yogis ceaselessly meditate,
Who grants all desires and
also liberation to His devotees.
Salutations to that Shiva
who is represented by the syllable

(Shiva Shadakshara Stotram)


A life-threatening event unleashes our deepest, primordial fears and automatically puts our system into survival mode. If this kind of event is not processed properly, we suffer from trauma. 

I have read the odd article speaking about Loki’s ability to help with healing trauma. In my own life, this rings very true, because Loki appeared when I acknowledged that I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and He has helped me on many levels with this. The Norse God of Chaos does not only have the capacity to cause the latter, He also seems to have an innate ability to make one feel the very opposite – that is to say, secure and safe. For me this was maybe the first and very important step in healing, because PTSD fills you with a sense of insecurity on all levels and with utter helplessness. Loki offered me security. But creating a safe place to heal in is not the only requirement Loki fulfils to qualify as an excellent trauma therapist.

About seven years ago, I experienced a devastating earthquake that destroyed the very city I called my home, killed people I knew and left ten thousands without power, water and housing for months. As my world crumbled around me, many things inside me broke open — but since I was unwilling and maybe unable to face it all, I eventually suffered a complete breakdown of my immune system and ended up confined to bed for months. It left me in a state of constant exhaustion and unable to work for three years. Even so, it took quite a few years to realise that I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and it was not until my friendship with the “Breaker of Worlds” that I realised what was happening – my old structure (or world) had been broken so that I could build a new one.

Trauma is a physical reality, not just a mental or emotional state. It is as complex and paradoxical as the Norse Trickster Himself, because the physical effect of trauma is a suppression and simultaneous hyperarousal of our sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the fight-or-flight-response. In fact, trauma arises when we can neither fight nor flee, and are left with the only other option – to freeze. While this freezing looks like a complete shut down, the nervous system actually remains in the highly aroused state of fight-and-flight the whole time. It is comparable to having one foot on the accelerator while slamming the other on the brakes. This can be the key to survival for an animal, because when a predator lets go of the now seemingly unconscious prey, said prey can instantly come out of “freeze” and take off to safer grounds. 

While animals have an instinctive way to reset their nervous system from survival-stress mode back to normal by shaking and shivering, humans have unlearnt to do this, because of the rational part of our brain. We tend to think rather than act instinctively. “Pull yourself together.” “Toughen up.” “Be strong.” “Just endure it.” “Don’t be such a wimp.” How many times have we heard this? Or told it to ourselves? This is what can imprison us in a traumatic state, because it can overwrite the instinctive response and therefore the reset from fight/flight/freeze. Consequently, if the nervous system is not reset after an overwhelming situation, we get stuck in “freeze”. Trauma can lead to a number of symptoms, including extreme fatigue, hypersensitivity, muscle pain, allergies, nervous system disorders, depression, psychosis – to name just a few -and this is generally known as PTSD. 

About a year ago, I had a intense bout of PTSD and felt so sick that I had to stay home for a few weeks. I admit that back then I blamed Loki for my misery, because He had started to work on me “hands on” by pulling energies out of my system, cleansing my own energies and feeding parts of me with His light. I feared that whatever He did had triggered my relapse. Loki never tried to convince me otherwise, but during this time I experienced a side of Loki that left me utterly enchanted. Shiva is also known as the God of intoxication – I know now why – no words can really describe the intensity of His love. Loki had made me aware of His connection to Shiva, but this was the first time I experienced Him this way and, needless to say, Loki showed me that He was actually not harming, but helping me.

The following is taken from my diary:

I experienced Him in a trance-like state, eyes half closed, gazing into the Beyond. So incredibly beautiful, tranquil and pure. His gaze teaches the deepest secrets of the universe and my heart longs for nothing else but to melt with Him. Become one with Him. He has become Shiva* – auspicious, benevolent.
I cry, because the yearning in my heart is so painful. I cry, because my love for Him is so desperate. I cry, because His Love for me is so deep.
I loose myself when I think of Him. I am lost when I behold Him.
Everything dissolves and all there is left is – Him.
I worshipped Him with flowers, milk and honey, and He pulled me onto His Lap, gazing at me gently. I felt His light rising up from the base of my spine, a golden energy traveling upwards, until it touched an area of my brain at the back of my skull. “The reptile needs to be illumined.” He stated empathically, while I felt His light vibrating in the back of my head.

Curiously, yet not surprising, I later found out that the part of our brain close to the base of the skull, is referred to as the “reptilian brain”, and it happens to be the part that controls our instinctive processes – like fight, flight and freeze. Loki was indeed helping me heal trauma. The months that followed this experience were a time of great healing. While Loki works with me on inner levels, He did push me to find a therapist specialised in Somatic Trauma Therapy, which works on resetting the nervous system.

To those who may suffer from trauma, I recommend looking into Peter Levine’s books and therapy. It has helped me greatly, and is most enlightening material – if you are desperate to find a way out of the dark pitch of trauma.

Trauma leads us to dissociate parts of ourself, leaving us feeling split and abandoned, maybe this is why we are unable to “pull ourselves together” and cope with life. Trauma is often the cause of confused and repressed emotions, severe depression and the fear to feel anything in general. As a trickster deity, Loki works with our emotions. He makes us face those very things we cannot or do not want to look at to eventually help us break free from these prisons. Loki taught me that all emotions are valid, and should rather be accepted than judged. The fire that burns inside us as life-energy, strength and power, can express itself in various ways which can either be dynamic or destructive. Since in trauma this very powerful energy is being throttled (or frozen), it tends to turn against us and consume us in a destructive way. There are ways to release this stuck energy, that manifests in aggressive emotions, that neither hurt us or others. For healing, it is essential to acknowledge these emotions and  allow them to dissipate.

Traumatic experiences shake the foundations of our beliefs about safety,
and shatter our assumptions of trust.”
~David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages

Trustworthy and authentic relationships are at the heart of trauma recovery – starting with the relationship we have with ourselves.

As much as we might long for loving support from around us, I am afraid it will never come unless we learn to befriend and love ourselves. More than anything, Loki has been a true friend to me, knowing me intimately with all my highest heights and darkest depths. He has been a guardian who shelters me and a dear friend who believes in me. His faith in me is rather astounding, and He seems to offer me in abundance all those things I fail to offer myself. Befriending, accepting and loving Loki means befriending, accepting and loving myself.

Healing trauma is about claiming back power – personal power in form of inner strength, courage, trust, peace and love. These are gifts I earned from my friendship with Loki.

Self compassion is another important tool in trauma recovery, as it allows us to open our hearts and minds, which helped me to step out of my perfectionism and lower the extremely high expectations I had in myself, that had led to me constantly criticising myself. Never being good enough. Which leads to another important role Loki plays when it comes to healing trauma, because the God of Mischief works with our inner child. Our innermost, basic, instincts and emotions. Most trauma actually origins in our childhood and as long as our inner child feels lost, abandoned or unloved, we will feel stuck. Criticism and self-hatred hurt and frighten our inner child, and it is Loki who is there to protect and cradle this child inside us, to make it feel loved and valued, because Loki gives us exactly what we need to change.

Ever since the Norse Trickster graced my life with His presence, I know the sweet feeling of compassion. Compassion, not pity. Feeling compassion is the beginning of experiencing ourselves as worthy of kindness, and perhaps the most important outcome of self-compassion is the increased capacity to care for others. We become more aware that everyone is in the same boat, struggling with similar things. Compassion is extremely powerful as it encompasses the qualities of kindness, forgiveness, empathy, lack of judgement, acceptance, care, concern and love, and probably countless more. It signifies not only understanding, but complete oneness with the “suffering” of the other person.

By offering me His compassion, by accepting me with all my imperfections, by loving me despite of my flaws, by not judging me, by having faith in me and endless patience, Loki showed me what I need most to heal.

Interesing to note here is that the Marvel Universe version of the Trickster, even though he does not portray Loki as I know Him, does embody the side of us that has been traumatised, hurt, betrayed, deceived – and while he seems to be a villan, he really is a victim. And while he should be hated and abhorred, he has become one of the most loved characters. Just like us, he yearns for love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and he is unable to admit it because he is so trapped in his own drama. So, maybe the “real” Mister Mischief is holding a mirror up for us. Showing us the drama many of us are trapped in, and also what we need to heal – Love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness. Looks like Loki, in true trickster fashion, has sneakily found a way to reach out to countless human beings who are now willingly offering Him their love.

Makes you wonder? About His intentions, yes?

I see this kind of thing as a “group therapy session”. Really, what better way of advertising could a God (and skilled trauma therapist) find, if He wishes to reach out to millions of “clients”? Loki’s role is to show us what is going wrong on this planet and to get us out of our limited way of perceiving things. He has been known to apply unusual methods, that is why He is quite likely the most interesting and eccentric character amongst the Gods. … And often the most amusing.



God of Chaos, Change, Compassion, Freedom and Transformation.

Trickster and Celebrity.


Would you expect any less of Him?


*Shiva or siva means auspicious