This site is about the Norse God Loki and my personal experience of Him. It is an attempt to describe some of His aspects and explore connections to other Gods, energies and events. I kindly ask you to be lenient with me when I say that Loki is “this” or “that” or describe Him in a way that does not suit your own experiences or expectations. Loki is certainly too complex to be pigeonholed and I do not claim to be an expert on Him.

It took a bit of courage to write about Loki as I only know Him from my own personal experience and I am neither a Lokean nor do I have a background in Scandinavian spirituality, Paganism, mythology of Norse Gods or anything similar. My spiritual belief favours One God who manifests in different forms and I relate closest to the Indian Pantheon of Gods. So it was much to my own confusion when I found this particular Norse God wriggling His way into my life. It was a little bit as if He knocked and I opened the door to see who it was and before I could shut it again, Loki had His Foot in it, gently and persistently demanding His Way into my heart.

My reverence belonged to Rudra, a fierce and beautiful Hindu God who helps us to transform our human limitations, Agni, who illumines and Shiva whose meditation pervades the universe. And then, along came – literally – Loki.

Understandably it was rather confusing for me that a Norse God made His appearance in my life. If any God, I would have expected a Hindu God – but by playing with my beliefs and expectations of what I “thought” God had to be like, He led me to see beyond my mental constructs and divisiveness. Norse God or Indian God – division exists only in our mind. It is our heart that has the capacity to expand and go beyond it. Loki embodies the aspect of God I relate to – the transformative aspect of God. God could have come to me in the form of Rudra or Shiva – Gods I know and trust – yet He chose to appear as a Norse trickster God and thus outwitted any mental expectations/limitations of what God had to be like.

I did not revere Loki as holy or sacred. He is a trickster and distrusted by many – so I could not blindly accept him. Loki stirred up doubts, made me question Him, question myself and I had to take a leap into the unknown and unknowable by trusting Him. In turn He opened my heart to see, and what I see is magnificent, pure and nothing other than the aspect of God I love and trust. And maybe because I had no expectations in Loki and I relate to a personal God better than an abstract One (to me God can hardly get any more personal than Loki), I was able to embrace and accept Him as a friend and thus feel His unconditional love, compassion and concern. He is so “human” that He often makes me feel we are on the same level. He opened my mind to truly see God as the One Absolute who manifests in myriad forms, regardless of the name we give Him.

Another reason I hesitated to write about Him is that my experiences and insights feel sacred and I did not wish to share them on the web. People can be pretty nasty and it pains my heart to have Loki insulted. However, as there is hardly any content about Loki’s compassionate and loving side out there and He is encouraging me to write this – I have faith that He will take care of things – after all this is about HIM not about me.

Loki came to me as a teacher, and it still astounds me how He has come to be such a close and wonderful friend and the more I get to know Him the clearer it becomes that He has been by my side for my entire life. Loki showed me that our mind can never fathom the play of God and that there is One Benevolent Force in this universe who truly is One with us, within us, and longs for us to be One with Him/Her. This One lives right inside our hearts and loves us like a true parent – unconditionally.

I am ever so grateful for His presence in my life, even though I am aware that my understanding of Him merely scratches the surface. Loki is so much more than our little minds can conceive.