21 December Winter Solstice – a good night to honour Loki

The night is darkest just before the dawn.

Tomorrow, Friday 21 December, marks the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern hemisphere. This year, the longest night coincides with a full moon (called Cold Moon or Long Night Moon) and according to this event occurred last in 2010 and will not repeat itself until 2094. “On December 21 you will also be able to see Mercury and Jupiter in conjunction in the long night sky. On top of all that, the Ursid meteor shower will peak on the nights of December 21 and 22, adding shooting starts to the mix.”



This is significant, as both Jupiter and Mercury are rather interesting characters and tend to go very well together (to me they are a little bit like Odin and Loki) – according to Vedic astrology, as person with a Jupiter mercury conjunction has the ability to combine intellect and wisdom. Reason and intuition (or faith).

So, it seems like someone up there is having a party tomorrow night (full moon and meteor showers and all) – right up until dawn, when you will be able to see Jupiter and Mercury rising together. Make sure you do not miss it if you have a clear view.

Winter Solstice, to me, is a perfect time to honour Loki. Both Solstices seem important to Him as it has been the only times when Loki actually asked me to set aside some time and offer Him my undivided attention.

To be honest, (and without wanting to sound arrogant), Loki is so present in my life, that I sometimes forget about His special days, and even though I have a shrine in my home for Him, He really lives inside my heart and mind.

Honouring Loki is honouring His presence. Outer actions like candle, flowers, food or drink are good as they make our connection to Him more tangible (for us), but more importantly it is our inner connection that we need to honour. And the blessings that Loki brings into our life.

On Winter Solstice, I bring him flowers and light candles (it is a bit like honouring your best friends birthday). Then I sit with Him and listen to what He has to say, or I simply feel Him. Loki tends to communicate on many levels, and this is a good time to go inward, to still your mind, to draw on your strength, your inner Light. The Light that illumines darkness. And who else represents this better than the God of Fire Himself?

On Summer Solstice, it is a different aspect I honour. I go outside to spend time in the sun. I honour Loki’s warmth, His light, His laughter and His potent sexual energy. His Shakti, which is our creative force. Summer Solstice is a good time to draw on our creative power, to be active, write, paint, dance, sing, play music – to connect with the potent fire that has the power to create (and destroy).

Loki is a god of unified polarities. He is a God of Light, as much as He is a God of Darkness, albeit a darkness that can be nourishing and life-giving as well as destructive. The primordial darkness that existed before creation is not one to be feared. And we must be careful not to compare the gods to human beings.

Loki is not a human being. Loki is consciousness. A consciousness that existed beyond Time, and exists beyond good and evil, and it is our own (sometimes limited) interpretation of Him that colours Him as happy, sad, malicious, loving, sweet, angry, or whatever other states we experience Him in. Loki is neither black nor white. In reality He exists in (even more than 50) shades of grey. He is a consciousness that cannot be defined, because He constantly changes, flows and grows. Even the myths show His true nature, if we choose to look at them without judgement.

It makes perfect sense to me that He chooses to bless me on the two points in time, where either darkness or Light is at its height.

Winter Solstice is a time when dark spirits roam the world, causing mischief and chaos. It is a time when we need to remember that Light will be reborn to help us find our way through darkness. It is our yearning for Light that lets it shine most brightly. It is also the beginning of a new year, and each year embodies new qualities as the cycles of Time move continuously. No point in time is ever the same. And it is good to rid our consciousness of old, rigid patterns. Of grief, anger, resentment – all things that weigh on our mind and heart.

The longest night, ushers in the return of Light. What better time to reflect on our past, and let it go so that we can re-adjust our presence, in order to grow into a new, more prosperous future. The present is the only point in time we can truly make changes, and the God of Change is more than eager to assist us if we wish to move forward, go beyond, and transcend. One thing Loki has taught me is to forgive. Not to hold onto things when we are wronged, as they keep us prisoners of resentment.

Winter Solstice is a good time to ask Loki to help us forgive others and most of all forgive ourselves for all the things we may regret to have thought, done and said. Loki is an excellent deity when it comes to forgiveness and acceptance.

Loki is the mystery that unravels the darkest depths and highest heights of human nature.

The question is – if He reaches out His hand and asks

“Do you trust me?”

–  are you ready to accept the invitation to go for a ride with Him?

Let me warn you – it can be a wild rollercoaster ride, so be sure to relax and scream and laugh as much as you can – well, this is the only thing that keeps me from throwing up on roller coasters and it seems to work with Loki. 😉

Let me encourage you – even if it may not be smooth sailing – be sure there is a lesson to learn for you that will bring invaluable gifts.

Let me tell you – handing the reigns over to Loki can be exhilarating, mind-expanding and soul-stirring.

So, whatever ride He takes you on, be sure to be thankful, respectful and loving. And share the inner wealth of compassion and love that you will without doubt receive, with those around you.

Reflect, let go, create.

Have a clean slate for 2019 … be ready to grow and have an awe-some new year.


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