Sigyn and Loki

If you love somebody – set them free! (Sting)

Like a child Sigyn exists inside her heart and has a pure, innocent beauty. Sigyn can be mild, sweet, almost fragile like a butterfly, yet one should not be fooled by her appearance and dismiss Her as weak, because this Goddess holds a power that is able to pacify an almost uncontrollable God. Sigyn is Loki’s balance, the power that gives Him direction and focus, while Loki is the fire that fuels Sigyn’s love. She is the stable strength of peace that makes Loki’s force of transformation one that brings lasting benefits.

It is nonsense says prudence
It is what it is says love

It is calamity says calculation, it is nothing but pain says fear,
it is hopeless says reason
It is what it is says love

It is ridiculous says pride, it is foolish says caution,
it is impossible says experience
It is what it is says love

(Erich Fried)

Loki and Sigyn’s relationship is uniquely beautiful as it is one of true equality and mutual acceptance. They compliment each other perfectly. They are completely one with each other. It is lovely to experience the untameable Loki becoming very lamb-like and sweet in Sigyn’s presence. This powerful force that pacifies Loki’s all-consuming flames and channels His fire so that it can give comfort and warmth, is none other than love. Sigyn loves Him, She does not control Him. Love never does.

Sigyn’s love for Loki is sincere, pristine and deep. I believe, that, if there is one true devotee of Loki, it is Sigyn. She reveres Him for all that He is and is ready to offer Him everything She has, and she does it with a sweetness and devotion that makes my heart ache. In turn, Loki offers Her all He has and all He is, because He really sees her as His equal. The God has a deep respect and love for Her and finds comfort in Sigyn as much as She finds fulfillment in Him. Their relationship has everything a healthy relationship should have, and both, Sigyn and Loki, offer a love that is all-embracing, unconditional and pure like a parent’s love for a child to those who are open for it. In my opinion they make the perfect parents as they teach the importance of setting boundaries,  to have faith and be true to oneself, be sincere and live an authentic life.


I have come to know Loki as an aspect of God that is beyond good or evil, one who works to awaken humanity to a new freedom and one who allows us to go beyond duality. And I believe that when Loki appears in our life, so does Sigyn. It is a natural balance as both of them embody aspects of the other. On the highest level, they are the oneness in duality, never really separate. Loki breaks us open so that we can see what needs to change, so that we learn to forgive, forget, love and live in compassion. If we allow ourselves to stay open, Sigyn fills the new space with her love and helps us to take the step from our basic egoistic needs up into the centre of our heart, so we can experience love, compassion and oneness.

Loki and Sigyn know illusion and bondage like no other and can help us achieve ultimate freedom from both. Maybe this is the reason they ended up in that cave after all, to show us how to free ourselves from our self-imposed fetters, gained through our own deeds, and how to keep our faith even when treated unjustly? Maybe they ended up in bondage, because they represent a freedom that humanity could not be allowed to have – until now? The freedom to question the ones in charge, to speak and search for the truth, love the truth and live authentically? 

Loki is a God who asks us to abandon our victim mentality and take responsibility for everything that happens in our life. He urges us to live our dreams, reach for the stars and find the highest Truth. Believe in ourselves. Sigyn gives us the courage to forgive, keep the faith and move ahead into the unknown. Forgiveness is a quality Sigyn, as well as Loki offer, and it is really a tool to set us free. As long as we hold on to unforgiven hurt, we can never truly be free. It is not those who hurt us that keep us bound, it is we who bind us in the prison of resentment and bitterness. A great freedom lies in the ability to forgive ourselves and others. 

As human beings we are blessed with free will. We can use it to pursue our desires, attachments and other worldly pleasures or we can use it to expand our consciousness and devote our lives to seek spiritual freedom. Loki is the one who teaches us that free will comes with responsibility and consequences (the law of karma), Sigyn shows us that through detachment, divine love and devotion we can surrender to the will of our Higher Self and thus transcend the fetters of earthly bondage (karma).  There is no greater freedom, than to live in the freedom of the soul.

Meditation and Inner Peace

If you can truly love yourself, if you are at peace with yourself, then nothing will be able to disturb you.

I have read that if you encounter Loki in an uncontrollable mood, it helps to call on certain deities to calm him or control Him. Some advise to call on Thor, others on Loki’s mother, Laufey. If you not only wish to pacify Him, but also learn about Him, I would advise to call on Sigyn (provided you call on her with the love and respect she deserves – as any disrespect towards Sigyn might just put Loki in a bad mood).

I did not know much about Sigyn, but judging by the feelings Loki carries for her, I figured that she knows Him better than anybody. And she does. Loki is incredibly talented at letting things get out of control, and I called on Sigyn, not so much to control Him, but rather to learn how to respond when life becomes too chaotic. Indeed, a very practical skill in today’s world! A world where you are often faced with things you cannot control or stressful, overwhelming situations.

In my experience of Loki, He is very loving and affectionate, yet He can have the all-consuming intensity of a wildfire when He wants your attention and the force of an earthquake when He breaks your old beliefs. With Sigyn’s presence, it feels like sitting in the eye of the hurricane. Everything is peacefully calm amidst complete disaster. Now I realise why (right from the start of our friendship) Loki has been asking me to meditate more on my heart and to focus on peace – to be able to bear His presence and not get consumed or distracted by His force. I still have a long way to go and am very grateful to Sigyn for her support!

Sigyn encourages me to still my mind, make it tranquil and to go deep within to touch the place inside my heart that is all peace. Mediation is the key. The more peace we have, the easier it will be to deal with outer circumstances.

Peace is the only solid strength we truly possess.

The greatest misfortune that can come to a human being is to lose his inner peace. No outer force can rob him of it. It is his own thoughts, his own actions, that rob him of it. (Sri Chinmoy)

Some see Loki’s force in the craziness of today’s fast-paced, chaotic world. If this is true, then Sigyn’s force is the answer to survival in this world – we need inner peace. Sigyn’s peace embraces the chaos to bring it back into balance. She does not control. She loves. Love embraces and accepts. Maybe Loki wreaks havoc in our world, because we so direly try to control everyhting, instead of simply accepting things the way they are, expanding our consciousness and opening our hearts to love.

Peace is love universal. Peace is power transcendental. Peace is the harmonious control of life. It is vibrant with life-energy. It is a power that easily transcends all our worldly knowledge. Yet it is not separate from our earthly existence. Peace is eternal. 

Our greatest protection lies not in our material achievements and resources. All the treasure of the world is emptiness to our divine soul. Our greatest protection lies in our soul’s communion with the all-nourishing and all-fulfilling Peace. Our soul lives in Peace and lives for Peace. If we live a life of peace, we are ever enriched and never impoverished. Unhorizoned is our inner peace; like the boundless sky, it encompasses all. 

(Sri Chinmoy)

Unifying Polarities

Everything in this creation is ruled by duality. It is a necessary law that we cannot escape, yet we can, with awareness and acceptance, live within it in a state of balance. Like the couple of Shiva and Parvati, Loki and Sigyn can help us unify polarities and return to our natural state of oneness with the source – our Higher Self. In this time of transition, when a new paradigm of wholeness is blossoming, Loki breaks open our belief patterns based on polarities of good and evil, darkness and light, truth and falsehood etc. and Sigyn embraces us with her love. Together they support us in moving beyond duality into a state of wholeness.


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