Sigyn – Goddess of Divine Victory?

The love of power tries to control, the power of love sets us free. Love is indeed the only power that brings true freedom.

This is my rather humble attempt to write about this complex Goddess, who embodies (in my eyes) the Victory of the Divine (Love) over ignorance. Even though Sigyn has only recently entered my life, I realise that Loki and Her cannot really be separated. They work as one. Sigyn’s main aspect is probably Love, but as mentioned above, She is much more complex than that – She is everything that Love manifests as – She is Innocence, Sweetness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion, Faith, Loyalty, Peace, Strength, Courage, Transcendence of Suffering, Freedom from Illusion/Attachment, … you see, it’s not that easy. She is a child, a loyal wife, a warrior and a wise woman all in one form. 

Not much is known about Sigyn, the Goddess of Fidelity, as She is not mentioned much in mythology and is often regarded simply as Loki’s loyal wife, sometimes even as weak or submissive and She is frequently dismissed as a minor, insignificant Goddess. Sigyn is probably best known for her role in Loki’s binding:

After the Gods caught Loki, they brought him and his family (Sigyn and their two sons) to a cave, where they turned one of his sons into a wolf, that promptly killed his brother, scattering the entrails across the cave floor. The Gods then used the entrails of Loki’s slain son to bind him to three rocks, by turning them into chains. The Goddess Skadi placed a poisonous snake above his head, in such a manner that the venom would drip on Loki’s face and burn his eyes. Sigyn, his faithful wife, stayed by Loki’s side, holding a bowl above his head to catch the poison from the snake’s mouth. But ever so often she would need to empty the bowl at which point the drops fall onto the God’s face and make him to writhe in pain, causing earthquakes on Midgard, the world of humanity. Sigyn is said to stay with Loki in the cave until Ragnarok, the dissolution of the cosmos, which Loki will bring about at the end of time.

It makes me wonder, how anyone could possibly consider Sigyn to be weak after the ordeal in the cave? Sigyn’s story is one of remarkable inner strength, because even when she could have surrendered to being a victim of circumstances, Sigyn consciously chose to sacrifice her freedom and stay with Loki – driven by her love for Him. 

Sigyn’s name derives from the old norse word sigr “victory” and vina “female friend” and is often translated as “victorious friend” or “victorious girlfriend/woman” which also does not make Her sound like a victim to me.

Nothing concrete is known about the Goddess’ relations, some believe Her to be Odin’s daughter (given that one of Odin’s kennings is “Father of Victory” and also because Loki is Odin’s blood brother and a bond with Odin’s daughter would seem only natural), while others feel that Sigyn has a strong connection to Vanaheim and was raised by the peace-loving God Njord as a foster daughter. Where apparently Loki met Her first, when She was still a little girl. By Her devotees She is described as appearing either in form of a young girl, beautiful Goddess or as a strong woman, a mother who is past the ordeal of loosing her children.

Sigyn – Love, devotion, surrender and transcendence of suffering

Hurt people hurt people.
That’s how pain patterns get passed on,
generation after generation.
Break the chain today.
Meet anger with sympathy,
contempt with compassion,
cruelty with kindness.
Greet grimaces with smiles.
Forgive and forget
about finding fault.
Love is the weapon of the future.
(Yehuda Berg)

In my own experience of Sigyn, She is just as beautiful and complex as Her counterpart – Loki – and they are truly one and inseperable.

Loki is the tornado and Sigyn the eye of the storm.

The relationship between Her and Loki (Sigyn and Loki) is so intricate and deep that I could fill books writing about it, yet I will try and focus on the main qualities Sigyn has shown me and is teaching me: Love, devotion, surrender and the strength of  inner Peace.

When Loki’s force of “destruction” threatens to sweep us off our feet, Sigyn is the force that makes us resilient. She gives us the courage and strength to move forward. This Goddess embodies an unwavering solid power that withstands all adversities – peace – and Sigyn gains this peace from Her unconditional love and devotion to Loki. By loving Him, devoting Herself to Him fully, and finally surrendering Her freedom, when She consciously chooses to stay with Loki in the cave until Ragnarok, Sigyn transcends Her attachements, expectations, desires, fears and doubts on the strength of Her love. She is not a victim of circumstances, but makes conscious choices. And She knows well that the source of Her strength lies in Her Love for Loki. (They have an interdependent relationship, which means that Loki needs Sigyn just as much as She needs Him.) While Sigyn could turn away and leave Him, because there is nothing that Loki can offer Her to ease Her suffering, while She could even blame Him for Her misfortune, She chooses to stay with Him. Sigyn does not blame. She does not complain. She takes responsibility. Even under the most difficult circumstances She is true to Her Heart, Her Love, Her Self. 

Sigyn and Loki are part and parcel of each other. To me their relationship in the cave is also symbolic to our dark and light side (in this case Loki represents our darkness, Sigyn the light). To be whole, healthy human beings who can live their full potential, we need to accept our darkness so that it can be transformed through our light – we need to transcend our bondage-chains.

I believe that Sigyn’s victory is one over the illusion of existence, over suffering, grief and injustice. Ultimately all bondage is an illusion. By acting without attachment, by staying with Loki without expecting a reward, She surrenders to something Higher and goes beyond suffering. 

In the sacred writings of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “You have the right to act, but not claim the fruit of your actions.” He explains to Arjuna the importance of action in this world, the law of Karma and furthermore gives Arjuna the key to go beyond this very law by devotedly surrendering all actions to Him (Krishna/God), not worrying about results and refraining from attachments to success and failure, thus achieving liberation. This is the basis of Karma Yoga.

In the ancient teachings of Yoga there are four main directions through which a seeker of Truth can attain union with the Highest: Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja Yoga. It was intriguing to find that, while Sigyn embodies the perfect Bhakti, the one who follows the Yoga of Divine Love, She also walks the path of Karma Yoga by acting without expecting a result. 

But I feel that Love is the driving motive behind Her actions. Divine love, as well as devotion and surrender are all qualities of the heart, so Sigyn is a good Goddess to call on if you wish to connect with your heart. 

“What is love? From the spiritual and inner point of view, love is self expansion. Human love binds and is bound. Divine Love expands, enlarges itself. Devotion is the intensity in love, and surrender is the fulfilment of love. Why do we love? We love because at every moment we are pinched with hunger to realise the highest, to feel the inmost, to be consciously one with the universe, with the universal truth, universal light, peace and bliss, and to be completely fulfilled.
How to love? If we love with a view of achieving something from others, then that love is no love. Love means constant self offering on the strength of one’s own inner aspiration.” (Sri Chinmoy)

Sigyn is sweet and lovely like a child just as much as She is a strong, fearless warrior. A peaceful warrior with a relentless spirit. Her victory lies in overcoming adversities, not escaping them. She inspires us to be strong and raise our consciousness beyond limiting beliefs, while at the same time staying open and vulnerable, so that we can forgive ourselves and others, and thus be truly free.

“We are all peaceful warriors in training – learning to live with a peaceful heart and a warrior’s spirit.” (Dan Millman)

Sigyn knows the meaning of suffering very well, yet She consciously chooses not to be a victim of it, not to let it bring Her down. She does not complain and She does not hold bitterness. She forgives, She has compassion, hope and patience.

Personally, I relate to Sigyn as my sister and friend. We are connected through a bond that runs far deeper than my little mind could actually understand and share a love for nature and animals, magical moments, the transient, all things beautiful and fragile and Mother Earth, as well as for powerful nature forces like storms, lightening, waterfalls, oceans and fire. To see the world through Sigyn’s eyes, is to see it with the eyes of a child – everything is a miracle, everything holds magic, light and beauty. This childlike Goddess beholds the world in an innocent, uncorrupted way – she loves a slithering snake just as much as a colourful butterfly.

To see the world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower
Hold eternity in the palm of your hand
and Infinity in an hour.
(William Blake)

Some of the things that Sigyn teaches:

Sigyn can teach us how to love, in a pure divine way, how to surrender our free will to a Higher Source and thus find ultimate liberation from bondage, not by escaping but accepting whatever life gives us.

She can teach us not only to forgive, but also to forget. To keep our hearts open and realise that ultimately we are all interdependent beings – hurting someone else, is really hurting ourselves.

She can teach us courage and strength in the face of difficulties. Never to give up!

She can teach us to find the source of our power, which lies within our hearts. Deep down within each of us is an ocean of peace that is waiting to be discovered. This solid inner peace is our true strength and power and it will keep us safe from the storms of life.

She encourages us to focus and meditate on our heart, find love, find peace, devote our actions to a Higher goal, with devotion and without expectation. Transcend limiting beliefs and bondage.

Sigyn is a Goddess who also teaches detachment. True detachment is not aloofness or escape from the world…

Detachment is immediate peace. Detachment is wisdom. We are not our creators. Somebody created us. When we can detach ourselves from any person or any object, then we get boundless joy. Detachment is the wisdom-light in us that tells us not to be affected by anything that happens. 

When you try to remain detached, you have to feel that it is your wisdom-light that is coming to the fore. Detachment is not an escape from life. Detachment is a way to see or to feel that God knows that what is happening is for the ultimate good of mankind or for the ultimate good of Mother Earth. (Sri Chinmoy)


4 thoughts on “Sigyn – Goddess of Divine Victory?

  1. Is it possible to have a past life as Sigyn? Ages ago before I got into mythology I had a dream from her point of view in the cave stopping whatever was dripping on him.


    1. Hi Alex,
      I guess, sometimes the Goddesses and Gods touch our lives by allowing us to share Their experiences. In a way, Sigyn “lives” in each one of us (women) as our courage, our strength, our sweetness, our innocence, and much more. She shows us that Love is all accepting, and Love endures until the end of Time. Sigyn is the courage to accept things we cannot change, as well as the choice to endure these things with serenity and without bitterness. By dreaming of Her point of view, She might have made a connection with you, so why not explore it further? Sigyn loves nature, animals, beautiful places, flowers, bird song, sunrises, flowing water, beautiful and fragile things like butterflies and spiderwebs, powerful thunderstorms and raging rivers. She loves everything that touches our heart, and this is the place where you will always find Her. With Sigyn’s aid we learn to see beauty in everything, and recognise the little miracles that are hidden in each moment of our life. Blessings to you.


  2. “Loki is the tornado and Sigyn the eye of the storm.” Yes! I had once written that Loki is the waves and Sigyn is the still waters. I love Sigyn. It’s hard to find things about her and I’m glad I found your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. To me they represent power and consciousness – similar to Shiva and Shakti, although their roles are reversed – Shiva is calm and Shakti is dynamic.
      I connect deeply to Sigyn and am grateful that Loki has brought it to my attention. She can teach us so much. 🙂


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