Guardian of Children

I feel that Loki genuinely adores and protects innocence, sweetness and purity – all qualities of a child’s heart.

A thing that I learned having Loki around is that He loves children. Maybe it is His own childlike nature, His love, lightness, sense for mischief and humour or the fact that He is the father of quite a few different and seemingly unusual children – Loki seems to adore children’s innocence and sweetness. I can feel His love for those pure creatures who are still so connected with their hearts and souls. Loki especially enjoys to see a child’s smile.
I do not have children of my own and have sometimes found it difficult to interact with them, feeling self-conscious and shy. Children can pick up your vulnerabilities and can be brutally honest – like Loki Himself – as they voice their opinions without thinking and often to the embarrassment of the grown-ups. Ever since Loki has made an appearance in my life, I have opened up to children and learned to genuinely appreciate them and the feeling seems to be reciprocal as I earn a lot of smiles these days. I relate mostly to their sweetness.
I believe that Loki brings us closer to our own childlike nature, closer to our heart. Children live and act from their heart. They see the world as a place full of love and magic, until they learn to believe something else. Loki cares especially for those children who suffer. He understands the pain or troubles of a child’s heart and can act as their protector and guardian. To grown-ups He might seem erratic and unpredictable, yet to a child He is a friend who is on the same level. Children can really relate to Loki and I feel that He helps and heals them. He also does not seem to like it when people belittle children and appears to encourage respectful and loving interaction with children … and loving interaction between human beings in general.

Loki is a God of laughter, joy and mischief. This part of him teaches me to see the humorous side of life, to see good in everything and to smile or laugh away my problems. To look at experiences with the lightness and curiosity of a child. In my opinion, there is probably no other God who would be more fun to have around when you are a child.

On an inner level this particular God works with our inner child and I guess that is what makes him so skilled in healing trauma. Loki shelters, protects and nurtures our inner child and thus allows us feel secure within ourselves.

Children are the bearers of Light, of consciousness in a pure, uncorrupted form. They live inside there hearts, unaware of the separation of the mind, that corrupts us adults. Children live in the moment and in trust that they will be looked after. Something that Loki pushes me to do – trust God, trust in a higher force to look after me. He urges me to take responsibility for my life and learn to flow with what comes along rather than planning things and trying to control outcomes. Seize the moment. Trust that things will fall into place and move forward.

Loki Himself seems to view the world with the innocence of a child even though He has a brilliant mind. To me He is the perfect union of the heart and the mind or maybe it is the illumination of the mind through the heart, as Loki’s actions often are (even though some would disagree on this) actions of selfless love and sacrifice. He uses His cunning for a greater good and always faces the consequences of His actions – taking responsibility for whatever He does.

Who can blame Him for having a bit of fun and making the most of life? After all, he is fully conscious of his power and of who He is.


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