Loki and the Dark Goddess

The Great Mother Goddess is the dark primordial womb that brought forth all creation.

Loki is intimately connected to the Divine Feminine. He is the keeper and wielder of sexual energy or Kundalini – the creative force of the universe – and embodies compassion and love like only a mother could. Another aspect that connects Him closely to the Hindu God Shiva.

I believe Loki to be a God of Fire and terrifying natural forces like Storms, yet I would often see and feel water when meditating on Him. The Divine Feminine is represented by water, lakes and rivers and her guardians are serpents (in Maori culture the spirits associated with water are giant serpents called Taniwha). Loki is part of the Goddess as  much as She is part of Him and like Rudra is said to bless the land with rain, or the sacred river Ganga springs from Lord Shiva’s head, Loki has a deep connection with water because it represents the feminine, the Goddess.

The Goddess of pure power is called Shakti, the universal life force that flows through all creation. She is terrifying, destructive, creative, life-giving and life-saving. She is the Kundalini, the Mother Power and Shiva/Loki is the wielder of this power. He is a Master of the Kundalini, sexual energy, the one who can direct it so its fire does not destroy us. He can help us to grow a tree within us to ground ourselves into earth as well as heaven, and let the fire illlumine the tree and the snake travel. I believe that Loki can free us from our primitive urges and transform them into something higher.

The love between the Dark Goddess and Loki is deep, because they really are part of each other and I feel that Loki has suffered greatly from the imbalance of energies on earth. For a long time the imbalanced masculine energy has dominated humanity, now at the end of the cycle, the sacred feminine is returning and with it comes creativity, arts, oneness, love and compassion. Thus Loki will be able to reunite fully with His beloved Goddess, the Goddess who is the Mother of all creation.

The Divine Feminine embraces Light and Darkness. And in a time where a wrathful bachelor God rules the Western World, it is not surprising that Loki is finding  many supporters and devotees – as He in a way represents the Divine Feminine more than any other God. Maybe that is why Loki has been slandered by Christianity? Like the treacherous snake that persuades Eve to taste the forbidden fruit? Hm. Loki awakens our power and teaches us compassion (both aspects of the Goddess) towards ourselves and others. In our religious culture the ideal woman is seen as pure, virtuous, sweet and beautiful (and weak) while the Truth is that the Feminine Force in this universe is most powerful and much more complex. True, softness, sweetness, mildness, compassion are all desirable feminine qualities, when they are realised as something powerful and beautiful instead of something weak that fosters our (female) need for protection. We (females) need to remember that we bear abundant power within us and have no need to manipulate men, nor possess anyone or be possessed by them. We need to find ways to claim back our power. Loki definitely comes to aid here.

In ancient times women were thought to be able to access the power of the Goddess more easily than men because they could more identify with Her. Long ago women were regarded as the mediators between the Goddess and her children. Later, when the masculine force became imbalanced by the male desire for power and control, men relegated women to a lower class, caused in part by their fear of women’s “magic” — particularly the ability to give birth, the blood, and her intuitive gifts. Violence against women increased as men who felt powerless resorted to rape. Nowadays many men are stuck playing tough roles and many women learned that submission and passivity are their tickets to survival. Many domesticated females seek power through pleasing/manipulating men and baring children. One of the female dramas is the need to be needed and the need to feel protected, the male is the urge to protect and procreate. Sexual energy is not intended for power play or simply reproduction. On a higher level, sexual energy or Kundalini is a quest for wholeness, unity of the male and female inside.

Not all women were (and are) meant to be mothers. The sacred females (or sacred virgins), daughters of the Great Goddess, were priestesses, sorceresses, prophets, and healers before they were pursued and often killed. Interestingly enough the original meaning of the word “virgin” is essentially “a woman who claims ownership of herself”. Harlots (or whores) were priestesses of the Goddess who offered their bodies in the holy act of a sacred marriage. Tantric traditions today are revering the Kundalini’s sacredness and the union of the the Divine female and male (Shakti and Shiva).

The masculine and feminine aspect of creation need to be in balance and as long as one of them is overpowering, they both suffer. Neither of them is inferior or superior.

Loki came to me as a teacher and a healer, and while I thought He came to heal the feminine side of my nature, I now understand that He also heals the unbalanced masculine. He embodies both aspects. In my experience of Him, He can be extremely compassionate and loving, even indulging in his affections for me, yet He also has a dominant and possessive side. Whatever needs healing inside and through me, Loki represents. He is our duality and our union, sometimes I feel Him not even as a separate entity but as part of me. The more I learn to trust Him and love Him, the deeper the healing goes.

I believe that Loki heals trauma and thus he helps the feminine and masculine energy of this planet to heal. So maybe that is why there is such a large amount of Loki’s wives and spouses out there in the blogger-world? In my experience Loki meets us on the level we are on – and he has a tendency to stir up all those believes we hold, dark and forbidden desires and “sinful” longings (which, I guess, has brought Him a the “bad boy” reputation) as well as our need to be loved and sheltered – and He can actually fulfil all our needs. In my opinion, Loki is really out there, wreaking havoc in the blogger world (yes, I am including my humble self here) – yet I do agree with Lokeans that simply fantasising about Him does not make one a Lokean. (I certainly would not claim to be one either, even though Loki has touched my life in a most profound way)

And then … it is Loki we are talking about. Unbound. Free. And beyond mental or moral concepts.




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